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  1. Wow, you all are super helpful! This was awesome to come back to! Thank you!
  2. pandaloo

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Anyone heard anything about JJ Land? They seem to have the most economical prices in a large amount of areas.
  3. Where does one find high quality professional bags for women that aren't leather? Like messenger bag/satchel type bags. The only brand in particular that I can think of is Stella McCartney and that's a big out of my price range. I bought a satchel online from Topshop for $60 but it was a piece of junk that didn't last even a year. Any ideas?
  4. Whenever there is a student v. teachers/faculty/admin issue in life I am always prone to taking the complaints against both sides with a grain of salt because there is usually a good reason for why people do the things they do. For instance, as an applicant, I am severely frustrated at this system and how much of a burden it is on my life. However, I am also mindful of the fact that Ad Com people aren't going through a walk in the park right now either. But seriously, there HAS to be a better way to deal with all of this grad school admissions mumbo jumbo. It would be so much easier on
  5. Thanks! Ooh, I will need to find out how to decline or accept while abroad. Maybe that's a good excuse to call them!
  6. I've just been so nervous about calling and asking. My school never actually gave me a timeline to wait, but the results here appear to say early-mid March is normal. Problem is, I am going to China on Friday and will have minimal communication access for a couple of weeks and so I would kind of like to know before then. Should I call the school and ask? I'm afraid that my inquiry will be perceived as pushy. Do you think inquiring can affect the final decision for better or for worse?
  7. Whenever I am reading the results search and see Caltech acceptances I secretly wonder what Sheldon Cooper will think about those people.
  8. Yes. And not only is my life on hold, my partner's life is on hold too and I feel horrible. :/ He is being super supportive though.
  9. This is a silly one. I am applying to Pittsburgh and my friend is at an airport where Pittsburgh and my hometown share a baggage claim. Hey, it's been months since I submitted my app, I need to hold onto SOMETHING. haha
  10. You send off your resume with your application and it is perfect and awesome and you are SO proud of it! So much experience! And 5 professionals have helped you tweak and format it and at least 10 different people proofread it with you including a career center. Everything is perfect, except... THEY TYPO THAT YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE MISSED AFTER READING IT 100 TIMES. ETA: It made me feel better that others were still accepted after little mistakes like these!
  11. I have received an acceptance from a rolling admissions school (my backup) but I am still waiting to hear from my #1. Deadline was Feb. 1 and according to results search and forums it is apparently unusual to hear back from this program before mid-March. I have meetings scheduled about the week after I'm supposed to hear back, so I will have to snap up plane tickets if I am admitted. I just think it is quite odd to wait so long to find out where one might be, you know, relocating their entire life. Is anyone else worried about having to wait so late to secure housing? And my partner has to sta
  12. 22 going on 60. No, but seriously I feel so much older than my undergrad class. Maybe I'll feel more solidarity in grad school.
  13. I wanted to set up a campus visit with my number one school so that a) the visit would be set up if I get accepted and B ) it shows them how seriously I am taking this by willing to fly out even thought I haven't heard a decision. The enrollment counselor set up an appointment to meet with me in late March, and also said that she scheduled a student worker to show me around campus. She also encouraged me to set up a meeting with the head of the program. The thing is, apparently applicants don't find out a decision until mid March. So my visit is schedule for after the decision happens.
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