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  1. Hey there! So a bit late to the game, but I'm still waiting to hear back from UCSD (saw they already sent out some admission decisions). Also waiting for a few other decisions. I'm not sure how the UC PhD admission system works and have seen a few different answers. Does UCSD send out decisions in batches or waits to hear back from the first few rounds? Good luck everyone!
  2. I am doing the Globalization Political Science track in the SE Asia region
  3. I received an email that notified me of a new message. I checked, and there was the funding message.
  4. I see you received admissions to SAIS, SFS, WWS and Fletcher, what made you choose UCSD over those amazing programs? Scholarship, the program quality, communication? And how are you liking it now? We can message privately if you'd like. Thanks for your advice!
  5. During the admitted students chat, funding information should be released sometime this week. Stay tuned And congrats!
  6. Ok, so another one of those "this or that" questions. So, I need some opinions here. I'm admitted to both American U's SIS (doing a Comparative and Regional Studies program in Asia) and UCSD's MPIA (doing the Globalization track, Poli/Sci, and in SE Asia region). Here's my dilema. I'm currently a PCV in Thailand and will not be back to the States in time for the Grad-Admit days at either university. I've gathered opinions from the Embassy Staff here in Bangkok and some other professional contacts, and have compiled my list of pros/cons. UCSD Pros: -Much more tailored program to SE Asia, Globalization and Poli/Sci (the latter is debatable, I know) -Perceived advantage for those who want easy connections to Asia (UCSD's ASEAN Center for example) -San Diego -Have been in semi-regular contact with its applicants -Name of UCSD is known overall Cons: -Far from DC -Name of MPIA (let's admit, name is still king) is not as well known -UCSD, well known, but it's IR program is not as well known -I have to take summer Econ classes (since I've never taken an econ class in my life, but it looks interesting) American U Pros: -Proximity to DC -Recognition of a great education -Many opportunities to network, intern, etc. -Name of AU is not Cons: -Competing with Eliot, SFS, SIAS, et. al. for said internships -Not as highly ranked "overall" as UCSD -Program is more broad Does anyone have an opinion either way? I won't delve into financials because I have loans lined up that take care of those. I'm really looking for a program to prepare myself to enter into the State Dept. I've taken the FSOT before and did fairly well. Anyways, thanks! PS, waiting for Kobel and Milano.
  7. Thanks! I'm excited for the other schools I received admissions to.
  8. Accepted into the CRS program! And being a Peace Corps Volunteer, received some credit hour renumeration in exchange for a guaranteed internship placement. Very excited
  9. Psychology, minors in chemistry and natural sciences. 1 year in Psych lab doing smoking research 2 years in Peace Corps
  10. Hey, didn't get into IHEID, but that's okay. I applied for the MA IR/PS track. Good luck to all the other applicants!
  11. Me too! Super excited to receive the message notification! For those in MPIA already; is this a sure thing? Have you heard of the OGS denying those who have been nominated? Or is this just a formality?
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