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  1. @fuzzylogician Ya I agree. I wasn't making an argument. I was just explaining where I started off from. I just didn't want people thinking my perception came from nowhere. It just feels like people are treating me as a context-less idiot who is fueled purely by the delusions stemming from insecurity. I'm not - or I don't think I am. I have a context for my perceptions and beliefs. But I am updating my priors now, so no worries
  2. @fuzzylogician Thanks, that advice helps. I think you are probably right. Right now I think I will use this MPP as a way to understand non-academic research and industry jobs, and see if I will like it. In undergrad I mostly focused on my studies (even in the summer, I just sat around reading books and papers), but I think I will plan to get an internship for every semester so I get a lot of exposure to different careers. I suppose I will also balance between academic and professional networking, so that I still keep a door open into recs for a PhD application. To this effect, I hope to take a
  3. No Im admittedly a bad networker. But not for lack of trying. I think most people underestime how difficult networking can be for some people. I was hoping to also use an mpp as a second chance to force myself to be extraverted
  4. Thanks everyone. @fuzzylogician i had each of those jobs for 6-8 months. Everyone with jobs at those places I wanted had PhDs. Why wasnt it a no brainer to get a PhD you ask? Well when I researched people on linkedin and stuff, many masters had jobs that sound like stuff I want. Also thanks for not attacking me because of my emotional swings. I know we shouldnt take online strangers seriously but your approach really helps me as a real person @ExponentialDecay i think you misunderstood my intentions. I dont really care about the prestige. If I did, then as you said, I would ha
  5. I had a job as a database manager. I enjoyed being part of this group of researchers and being exposed to new ideas. I also enjoyed learning how data management works and the challenges of keeping good data. But I didn't like how mundane data collection is, and how at the end of the day, I didn't get to reap the benefits of those efforts as I didn't do the actual analysis. I then had a job in an experimental econ lab. Once again, I enjoyed the environment and I enjoyed seeing how an experiment is designed to answer a question. But I hated actually running the experiment as I didn't get
  6. @fuzzylogician I don't know what you want me to do. I'm trying my best. I thought you would want me to remove it. I don't know. You want me to add it? I'm trying my best to be a good person. I don't know what the world wants of me. Please just tell me what to do. I've literally just been starring at my ceiling feeling like shit that someone thinks I'm a racist. What if I am a racist? I don't think I am. I want no one to suffer. And I just tried my best to rectify the situation. But it's not enough. I'm sorry. Could you please deactivate my account? I think a mod has to do it right
  7. About the job market thing, I think you misunderstand. I've been searching for jobs ever since I graduated. I didn't mean anything about job seasons. It's just that I kept getting rejected by outright research jobs. All I could land are "research jobs" that are 80% administrative. I took those jobs for a while, but they just don't make me feel fulfilled. @knp
  8. Thanks. That helped a lot. And I guess I will remove that immigrant thing. It was just meant as a joke, but I guess the tone wasn't right and/or you had to have seen the interview with WB director Jim Kim to get it (it was his words). Also in no way did that part say anything remotely close to "immigrants working at jobs they don't want so their children have better lives." No where did I mention children...? @fuzzylogician
  9. So here's my story. I went to an elite US school and got good grades. After spending a year not getting any jobs I enjoyed, I decided that I needed more expertise. For me, as a polisci student interested in research, the choice was between a PhD or a MPP. For a long time, I was sure I wanted to get a PhD. But as I thought about it, I wasn't sure I was ready to do such a rigorous program or if I needed to do PI work to feel fulfilled. I reasoned I would be satisfied doing RA work, consultancy, or a less involved form of research. I was also scared off by all the dismal statistics about a social
  10. Ya, on paper Harris seems better. But by how much? Just personally, Id like to go somewhere different for a while. For you, Id pick Michigan. They have a better quant rep. However, their core has a leadership course, which is kinda bs for research dorks like us
  11. One week left to decide. The packages are comparable, so that's not a factor. Career-wise, I want to go into research. I wasnt sure enough about a PhD to apply, but Id like to keep my options open. I hope to work at places like think tanks or the world bank, and do economic/development policy. The pro of Harris is that its more academic, so it keeps my doors open if I pursue a PhD. That also helps me get research jobs. Harris will also let me skip core classes I have already mastered (ie econ and stat), and take PhD courses (unlike GU, Harris has PhDs). I am unsure if GU will.
  12. The first thing you may notice is why do I have CIR up there? Well, I'm gonna be frank (well, as much as one can be online). My goal in life has always to do research. However, I have since become disillusioned by academia for many reasons. Primarily, that I don't have the emotional strength to constantly fight for a TT and put my life on hold for so long, I highly value location for my quality of life, and I don't want to research minute things as I chase funding. That said, I have not completely eliminated any ambitions for academia, so I am trying to make a choice that maximizes my lif
  13. Hey, I'm an undergrad intent on getting a PhD/MA. I would like to do research/accademia or work in International Development. My question is: why are you doing polisci? What are your goals, and why did polisci meet them over Economics or Sociology, for example? And how does grad school in polisci differ from undergrad? My experience so far is that there isn't a lot of mathematical or statistical rigor (in a top 10 school), which I feel would benefit the field (of course, I am still a newbie). Any thoughts or insights would help. Thanks.
  14. Hey, I'm currently an undergrad with a bunch of misconceptions about grad school. I want to apply to a public policy or IR program, and looking online, many "recommend" taking at least a microecon class. Seeing as I already took AP econ, taking a college econ class would just be for my transcript, not knowledge, which seems like a waste to me (my university doesn't accept Econ AP credit, so I can't take a random econ elective instead until I pass the intro classes). How important is taking an econ class for these universities that recommend taking one? Because if it isn't that important, then
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