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  1. Do you have any publications? How is your GRE? GPA is important, but if you have published research (especially combined with high GRE scores) I think that could offset the GPA.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently came across the Global Clinical Practice Network, which is part of the World Health Organization. The purpose of the site is to recruit mental health professionals to participate in survey-based internet field studies regarding the next ICD-11. I really love the idea behind this site, but it is very restricted to that particular topic. I am wondering if anyone knows of a similar site/resource that has a less specific focus? If it helps, I'm looking to do a study on mental health professionals' attitudes toward integrating technology into therapy. I could default to
  3. Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble figuring out the right analysis to use for a measure validation project. I've gotten a few different answers among faculty members, so I just wanted to get some more opinions. Basically, the measure consists of five different vignettes or "scenarios". The same 9 items are used to respond to each of the scenarios. In other words, participants answer the same set of questions five different times. I've been told to do a factor analysis; would I do five different ones for each vignette? Or should I be taking a totally different approach? Thanks in advance!
  4. ck926

    Enjoyment scale?

    I would suggest looking into measures of flow; look into the work of Csikszentmihalyi. Lots of work has been done in this area by others as well, so flow measures are typically easy to find.
  5. I know this may not be extremely helpful as it isn't a specific source, and I'm sure it's something you're already doing for other purposes, but what I found to be most helpful was just reading tons of journal articles. Paying close attention to the structure and flow of these papers helped me to understand what is expected as far as academic writing goes.
  6. Not a question....but I just have to say how incredibly jealous I am that you work with Andrew Hayes! That is AWESOME!
  7. I know it's easy to become discouraged at higher p-values, and sometimes they are meaningful, but they are not the "end all be all", so try not to get too caught up in it. Here is an article that does a great job of explaining why: http://www.nature.com/news/scientific-method-statistical-errors-1.14700?WT.mc_id=FBK_NPG_1402_NatureNews Also keep in mind there is a difference between practical significance and statistical significance!
  8. Yes I would certainly retract if it came down to it, I'm just not sure if it should be done in the first place. They have a nearly equivalent reputation (decent but not top tier). I think his issue is that the first journal is taking a little longer to give a decision than he would like. I emailed the editor today to check on the status since the professor keeps asking me about it and it's normal for them to take up to 6 months (we just submitted 2 months ago). This is what prompted him to encourage me to submit elsewhere while we wait. I'm a bit surprised as well since waiting several months
  9. Hi all, I have always been under the impression that it is unethical, or frowned upon (at the very least), to submit the same paper to more than one journal simultaneously. However, a professor I co-authored a paper with is encouraging me to submit it to a second journal while we wait for a decision from the first journal. This professor is very experienced and well respected so I don't want to question him, but like I said, I have always been under the impression that this is bad practice, so I was caught off guard. Is it acceptable to do this? Thanks in advance for any input!
  10. Congrats! I'm already attending there (for a different field- went there for my undergrad as well) but would be happy to answer any questions about the school/area you may have!
  11. ck926


    I am not in your field so this may not be especially pertinent, but I can tell you that I graduated with a 3.0 overall GPA from undergrad in December and just started my PhD this semester. My overall GPA was pretty low at 3.0, mainly because I was stupid/immature my first two years. Something snapped and I woke up at the start of my junior year, so my upper level and major GPAs were very high. When I applied, most of my programs told me that they consider the highest GPA (e.g. either last two years or overall). Again, not sure if programs in your field will do this, but it may be something to
  12. ck926

    Stipend Amounts

    Right now it is guaranteed for two semesters, for a total of $10k for this academic year (meaning fall/spring- I'm not sure about the summer of 2015, as of yet). Apartments here aren't too awful...I have one roommate and rent is $550 for each of us. But I live in an area where a car is a necessity, which is definitely a huge expense, not to mention other basic living expenses. I am considering taking on a TAship as well for additional funding, but am hesitant to take on too much my first year...I expect it to be a huge transition (I'm straight out of undergrad). I might just have to suck
  13. ck926

    Stipend Amounts

    Hi all, I'm a first year PhD student, and have an RA position (20 hr/week). The stipend is for approximately $5000/semester, plus tuition (which is about $2,700...I qualify for in-state). Do these numbers sound correct? I'm sure a lot of things could factor in, but it just sounds a bit low to me. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to have any funding at all and don't mean to be a brat..these numbers just sound significantly lower than what I've heard from others on here. Thanks in advance!
  14. My advisor and I recently submitted a paper to be considered for publication in a journal; the VERY next day, we got a rejection. However, there were was no feedback from the reviewers or editor as to why; just a one line general statement from the editor saying they must be selective due to the number of submissions they receive. I am not very experienced when it comes to publishing, but is this acceptable? I'm not complaining that it was rejected, but I was a bit taken aback by the nonexistent feedback. I haven't had a chance to talk to my professor yet, so I just wanted to get some opinions
  15. Hi all, From what I understand, Clinical Psychology PhD interviewees are expected to wear suits; does this hold true for those interviewing for Clinical MA programs as well (for females)? Also, I'm not sure if I should bring anything...would it be a good idea to bring a portfolio bag with copies of my CV and writing sample? Thanks for any advice!
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