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  1. Unfortunately I haven't heard from anyone... Preparing myself for straight rejections ?
  2. I looked into the previous years too, which made me feel a little better (but I'm still casually freaking out now). Penn State is actually the only HDFS program I applied to. I also applied to Wisconsin-Madison (Developmental Psych), Vanderbilt (Quant Psych), and UNC-Chapel Hill (Quant Psych).
  3. I applied to Penn State's HDFS program and I cannot believe someone has already received an acceptance. It's blowing my mind; I feel like it's so early.
  4. I have a developmental and quantitative focus so my choices are interesting. I applied to UNC-CH (Quant), Vanderbilt (Quant), Wisconsin-Madison (Developmental), and Penn State (HDFS-- they have a developmental methodology concentration).
  5. Oh, wow. I wasn't freaking out about my applications yet until I got back on grad cafe. I haven't heard from anyone yet.
  6. I failed my first grad school exam... Time to stop slacking and get my act together.

  7. My first day of grad school is today and I am so pumped!

  8. Thankfully she finally emailed me and let me know that she sent in the recommendation!! And I got the update that all of my materials are in the system! Let the waiting commence! Eek!
  9. I asked my past professors to write me a letter of recommendation due by Oct 1st (by mail) and I asked them about the letters in August. They all happily obliged. The first two writers got right on top of submitting the letters and the third told me she would email me when she mailed the letter. I emailed her last week just to check in and make sure she was still onboard and she said she would do it this past weekend. I have no idea if she sent in the letter and I really don't want to badger her about it, but the not knowing is driving me nuts! AUGHHH.
  10. The Ed. Psych. department did in January, but I don't know about the Psych. department
  11. I always love coffee, but lately I cannot stay away from it because it's comforting!
  12. Peanut butter straight from the jar, cereal, coffee, and cookies are all my kryptonite. Ironically, I have also been going to the gym a lot so it counterbalances some of the negative ramifications.
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