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  1. There was a topic for accepting, so there should be one for declining as well
  2. from what I've seen on interview visits, the people who know where they are going is in the minority. People will probably be making their decisions up until the deadline, unfortunately.
  3. They only have to give you till April 15th if they're part of the university consortium "The Council of Graduate Schools". Otherwise, they can give you whatever deadline they want.
  4. I talked to a prof that did her PhD at MIT (ChemE), she said that it's actually very difficult to get back into academia since MIT is so industry oriented, ie MIT has a ton of industry connections, not so much academic connections. Not sure if that's good or bad for you.
  5. Very cool, I guess I'll do the FASFA then.
  6. This might be a stupid question, but is there any benefit to filling out the FASFA if I've been offered a tuition waiver with $25k stipend? (all bio phd)
  7. Number 2 for sure, first one looks like some artifact preserved from the dark ages.
  8. I did a summer stint at a top 10 ivy, and out of the 3 research labs I was in contact with daily, none seemed like bad people. Really, when you're at somewhere great like that, you really don't have to worry about funding, and all the PIs I met were extremely supportive of PhD candidates being first authors, etc. Same goes for resources; they have so many instruments, clusters, etc. that there is not too much competition for them. In fact, I'd say there is a bit of camaradarie when discrediting another top 10 ivy's research, etc. I'd say the biggest thing you have to worry about is face
  9. Ok, I've been getting attacked a bit, so let me defend myself a bit. He also showed me his entire resume/transcript, and I know his entire research history since the little he's done has been with my housemate, who complains about him stealing credit and not being a contributing force. I don't know about the rest of you, but for me the most important thing in grad school is the environment, including professors and other grad students. I expect other grad students to provide good feedback and insight into my projects, just like I will do for them if I am knowledgeable in their field. Thu
  10. The interview offer from one of my top choices was sitting in my spam folder for a whole week... for some reason, the follow up email wasn't considered spam, so I saw it but it sure confused me. It was a one-liner saying "Please confirm the faculty you would like to interview with." and I was like, does this mean I got an interview, or if I choose the wrong people, I don't get my interview? lol
  11. 3) I'm doing an interdisciplinary field, and his field is partially covered by mine. 2) Yep, I was planning on talking to some people from his field when I go to visit. 1) Is this true? I was under the assumption that grad schools don't want people with potential, but rather people who have already developed skills, know what they want to do, etc.
  12. Is it wrong to dismiss a program based on its lack of selectivity? I was lucky to get acceptances at two very good programs. I have a classmate who also go accepted into the same university in an unrelated field (but still one they are very highly ranked for). The problem is that I do not believe this classmate is qualified at all; for example, he would routinely struggle with homework with classes in his major, and would always ask me if he could copy mine. I feel like I'm being completely snobby, but the fact he got in really shakes my faith in the program's reputation. Am I wrong i
  13. Definitely not me. I'm struggling to finish them before the deadline, and every single program description screams "We do rolling apps! We start filling spots immediately!", which makes me worry how many people have already submitted their apps, and how many spots there are left.
  14. Sometimes I feel like I can't progress on my apps. Each week I eke just enough for the next week, while my apps are just stagnating. I'm trying to cram all the weekly stuff I need to do into fewer days, and also trying to dedicate a specific day (or whole weekend) to working on apps. It's kind of working out, but it definitely isn't easy.
  15. I don't think you have anything to worry about. You sound like a killer candidate; GREs mean nothing compared to research, and you certainly demonstrated you can do that.
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