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  1. I've declined their offer - I need to update my signature!
  2. I'm still waiting on my official rejection off the wait list at Iowa! Sigh. Next year!
  3. So as I mentioned, I've turned down Baylor, but at this late stage in the game, I don't think I'll be coming off the wait list at Iowa. Heart: broken! Ah well, next year...
  4. I'm declining a generous offer from Baylor.
  5. Anyone want to claim the acceptance-off-waitlist?
  6. Comparing UCI students to CC students - expecting that, under normal circumstances, university students would be more intelligent than CC students - is incorrect and rude.
  7. Yes, thank you. I don't think there is any reason to base your estimation of any person's intelligence on where they did or did not go to school, or even if they did at all.
  8. Hey there Everyman! I was accepted to Baylor's PhD program, but I haven't yet heard about funding. Is anyone here familiar with the campus culture?
  9. What an odd and unnecessary insult to community college students and UCI students.
  10. Awin

    Iowa City, IA

    Hmm, I'm not sure you'll find something that includes appliances, allows medium-sized dogs, and is nice (as you've described nice) for under $800. I see a few nicer 1br apartments with appliances/decent square footage for $1000, but they don't allow dogs. [quote name='byronlover' timestamp='1300672531' post='227772'] Hey all! I, too, will be moving to Iowa City at the end of the summer. Anyone know of a nicer apartment complex that allows medium-sized dogs in the below-$800/mo range? By "nicer," I'm implying newer fixtures, washer and dryer included, a large bedroom, and hardwood floors
  11. Me neither! I don't think anyone's heard anything yet (?).
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