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  1. Audiology Praxis

    Hi all, For anyone who has recently taken the audiology praxis exam or is currently preparing for the test - what study materials do you use other than class notes? The only resource that I found to be useful is from the ETS website - interactive practice test (link below): Are there any other good resources? If you've taken the test already, any advice? Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  2. Picking a grad school

    Exactly what I did. Very much worth it in the long run!
  3. Picking a grad school

    I thought I'd share some insight as I am currently a 2nd year Au.D. student. First off, congratulations on your acceptances! When I applied to a handful of audiology programs, they varied in terms of rankings and tuition. However, they were quite similar in curriculum and somewhat similar in clinical experiences. I'm assuming that the list of schools you applied to were all considerable choices meaning that wherever you would be accepted, you would likely attend. But, maybe not! At least in my case, I told myself... if I get into any of these 7 schools... I would enroll, but at that point of the selection process, it came down to finances. And that is exactly what happened. Of the 4 schools, only 1 offered significant tuition reduction and a graduate assistantship. My answer was right in front of me. But it wasn't an easy decision. The program came with a lot of sacrifices. It meant several things: 1) I had to move from the East coast to the Midwest, 2) I left my family (I am young and single, but it is still hard!), and 3) I experienced culture shock of a small town. Deep down, I really wanted to attend the University of Tennessee or Syracuse.... both programs that are at big name schools with solid reputations and higher rankings.... but also came with an unrealistic price tag. I don't want to make this long, but I chose a program in the Midwest that has a low "ranking" but one of the many things that I learned in graduate school is that rankings only mean so much. I've talked to my professors about the rankings, and they are influenced by research publications, etc Although it took me a good portion of first year to adapt to the Midwest lifestyle, I wouldn't do it all over again at another program. I am in a small cohort allowing me to get a lot of interactions with my professors and clinic supervisors. The curriculum and clinical rotations are so diverse that I truly consider my program a hidden gem. I came from a large university (undergrad) on the east coast that has a reputable AuD program, but my program definitely offers a variety of clinical experiences. My point is, don't make a decision without considering the lower ranked programs on your list. I was heavily concerned about rankings when I was deciding where to go that I was THIS CLOSE to taking a gap year and reapplying the next term. Now that I am in my 2nd year, that would have been by far the worst decision I would have made... It was a blessing in disguise that I ended up where I am now. Also, when you look at the AuD programs you got into, it may help to find out where the professors got their AuDs from because mine earned theirs from top 10 audiology programs. That statement right there goes against my argument that rankings shouldn't matter so much, but... I will be applying for 4th year externships this upcoming September... (HOW.... does time go so fast?!). I am confident that my personal experience, knowledge, and clinical skills will help me land an externship of interest. Also, I am proud of the AuD program I am representing. Previous students of my program have landed stellar externships at competitive places all over the U.S. Trust me, do not let ranking of program fool you! While it can certainly help you with opportunities, lesser ranked programs won't prevent you from opportunities. You will figure it out. Just take your time, don't hesitate to e-mail the programs (where accepted) and ask to talk with professors and current students about their experience Go with your gut! Good luck!
  4. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    SO TRUE about apartment hunting! Also, I contacted current students in the programs I'm interested in and they gave me such detailed responses about their program, what they like, don't like, etc. I really recommend it! It helps make your decision process easier.
  5. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    Yeah that is a valid point regarding quality of jobs. I do think that wherever you go, you'll have good chances of landing jobs in that specific region/area, too. I guess now you just have to pick which program is more fitted for you. And yes, it is crazy how decisions will be made very soon! So exciting
  6. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    Honestly, names are names. Yes, schools that are higher ranked could have more connections, etc. for employment. But, if you look at a program's website and it says 100% job rate, then it is worth going to the school that is less ranked. Personally, I'm choosing a school that is lower ranked because of funding. I'd rather not be in as much debt. It isn't worth it. You just have to weigh out the pros and cons and if funding is important then go with the program that offers more money. You'll figure it out :-)
  7. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    Got into Syracuse! Anyone else hear back from them? Funding doesn't seem likely..
  8. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    I spoke with the admissions director at Pacific University. She told me that the first interview round was yesterday and the second one will be March 22. She said that decisions should be sent out on March 24... would be cutting it close with your decision. I think you should call UNC and ask them for an extension? Or call Pacific to verify when decisions will be sent out.
  9. This is what they say... "SAT scores are an indicator of undergraduate success & GRE scores are an indicator of graduate school success." My SAT scores (by sections) were average or below average. I did very well in undergrad. My GRE scores (by section, too) were above average and below average. I do not believe these numbers will indicate my success/failure in graduate school. If you did well in undergrad and have a passion for the field then you can and will succeed.
  10. Crazy Grad School Dreams/Nightmares

    I'm reading these aloud to my roommates
  11. 2014 SLP Admissions Thread

    I got accepted into Tennessee's audiology program - I visited the campus and department last semester. It was worth the trip! My advice for you is to contact Pamela Williams (secretary) and she will help you set up a tour/meet with some faculty. This only really applies if you are visiting on a random day vs. the open house dates they included in the e-mail with acceptance. Either way, go visit! It's a neat place and the programs rock. I loved it.
  12. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    Just heard back from Univ. of Tennessee! Saturday night... definitely unexpected.
  13. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    Good luck to you, I hope it's good news! You've been on a roll!
  14. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    Thank you! And congrats to you on SDSU!
  15. Audiology-gy-gy-gy

    What is your top choice?