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  1. First semester in grad school done...still roaming these speech forums loll

    1. Threeboysmom


      Me too, It's good to have support from others that can understand what it means to be a graduate student.

    2. NavyMom


      Same. I am an addict, apparently.

  2. Hey arcanelady27, I'm sorry to hear about Brooklyn college. Don't forget what you told me, that this is not the end of your road. This is the worst day but there will be better for you. The way I see it, getting rejected is a humbling experience and it only makes you hungrier for the finish line. If you want it, you'll get it. You've had a roller coaster ride with the CUNYs this application season. My offer is still on the table with GRE studying, message me if you want to meet up and study. If not, good luck with your future endeavors. I'll be rooting for you!!!
  3. Thanks arcanelady27 I still see Brooklyn college in your signature, so I'm crossing my fingers for you! Keep your head up!!
  4. This year has been a learning experience for me, financially and mentally. I was able to get into an accelerated grad program for teaching, I attended my first orientation yesterday. This was my plan B and for the first time this year, I feel like I'm going in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna continue for speech but I'm glad I listened to my SLP professor. She knew I was gonna continue for speech and wanted to stay in NY. Her advice was that in the time that I don't get accepted into a Speech grad program, I should pursue other related grad programs. That's just what I'
  5. Dude CONGRATS!! Ever since I read your inspiring and ambitious posts, I was like "these schools gotta be nuts if they don't accept this guy!!".. you wanted it and you got it, you're truly an inspiration and will make an excellent SLP. Wish you the best of luck! YAY!! So glad to hear you got an acceptance daisynic, as a first time applicant, I look forward to hearing good news like yours. I hope you celebrate and enjoy this moment, you are also an inspiration!! Best of Luck!!
  6. I think that's a good idea, I might apply to Lehman for the Spring. The graduate director said he would take a better look at me if I had higher GRE scores, but he said my volunteer experience wouldn't hold so much weight. Mind you, I haven't even told him what I was volunteering for, he just flat out said "nope" (I could have been working with ASHA as an awesome research contributor for all he knows...loll) but he said it didn't matter. I like that he was honest, hopefully you receive the some feedback regarding your application. I'm not looking forward to studying for the GRE again. My f
  7. Well, at least you got an interview this year, it says something, yah know Did you have your interview with a professor that you knew or have taken a class from?
  8. Hey Arcanelady27, I'm sorry about Lehman college. I'm glad though that you fought for another interview, it says a lot about your character. I hope Brooklyn college realizes that. I have to know though, did you see that gosh awful professor?
  9. Ahhh nutter butters... have you heard things about nova? And how much do you trust online programs, do you think employers will be prejudice on that kind of schooling?...I'm only asking bc I still have 2 schools left to hear from and I'm just planning for plan B
  10. Haven't had any acceptances and waiting to be accepted is annoying the &*%$ out of me

    1. 123hardasABC


      Hang in there, buddy. :/

  11. I have a question, are online programs just as competitive as regular grad programs?
  12. Thanks Arcanelady27 for your encouraging words! Looking forward to hearing your outcome with Lehman
  13. That's GREAT Arcanelady27!! I hope you don't see that discouraging professor and really knock it outta the park. You deserve it!! Good Luck!!
  14. feeling blank, but proactive...Tuning out everything with The Police

  15. Nah I didn't apply to other CUNYs, to be honest, I have a feeling I know what needs to be done to strengthen my application. This year I had a lot of doubt and it affected me tremendously. I'm looking into plan B but I wont stop for speech. It's like the love of your life that you can never forget. ..loll I hope you hear good news Arcanelady27
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