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  1. First semester in grad school done...still roaming these speech forums loll

    1. Threeboysmom


      Me too, It's good to have support from others that can understand what it means to be a graduate student.

    2. NavyMom


      Same. I am an addict, apparently.

  2. Hey arcanelady27, I'm sorry to hear about Brooklyn college. Don't forget what you told me, that this is not the end of your road. This is the worst day but there will be better for you. The way I see it, getting rejected is a humbling experience and it only makes you hungrier for the finish line. If you want it, you'll get it. You've had a roller coaster ride with the CUNYs this application season. My offer is still on the table with GRE studying, message me if you want to meet up and study. If not, good luck with your future endeavors. I'll be rooting for you!!!
  3. Thanks arcanelady27 I still see Brooklyn college in your signature, so I'm crossing my fingers for you! Keep your head up!!
  4. This year has been a learning experience for me, financially and mentally. I was able to get into an accelerated grad program for teaching, I attended my first orientation yesterday. This was my plan B and for the first time this year, I feel like I'm going in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna continue for speech but I'm glad I listened to my SLP professor. She knew I was gonna continue for speech and wanted to stay in NY. Her advice was that in the time that I don't get accepted into a Speech grad program, I should pursue other related grad programs. That's just what I'
  5. Dude CONGRATS!! Ever since I read your inspiring and ambitious posts, I was like "these schools gotta be nuts if they don't accept this guy!!".. you wanted it and you got it, you're truly an inspiration and will make an excellent SLP. Wish you the best of luck! YAY!! So glad to hear you got an acceptance daisynic, as a first time applicant, I look forward to hearing good news like yours. I hope you celebrate and enjoy this moment, you are also an inspiration!! Best of Luck!!
  6. I think that's a good idea, I might apply to Lehman for the Spring. The graduate director said he would take a better look at me if I had higher GRE scores, but he said my volunteer experience wouldn't hold so much weight. Mind you, I haven't even told him what I was volunteering for, he just flat out said "nope" (I could have been working with ASHA as an awesome research contributor for all he knows...loll) but he said it didn't matter. I like that he was honest, hopefully you receive the some feedback regarding your application. I'm not looking forward to studying for the GRE again. My f
  7. Well, at least you got an interview this year, it says something, yah know Did you have your interview with a professor that you knew or have taken a class from?
  8. Hey Arcanelady27, I'm sorry about Lehman college. I'm glad though that you fought for another interview, it says a lot about your character. I hope Brooklyn college realizes that. I have to know though, did you see that gosh awful professor?
  9. Ahhh nutter butters... have you heard things about nova? And how much do you trust online programs, do you think employers will be prejudice on that kind of schooling?...I'm only asking bc I still have 2 schools left to hear from and I'm just planning for plan B
  10. Haven't had any acceptances and waiting to be accepted is annoying the &*%$ out of me

    1. 123hardasABC


      Hang in there, buddy. :/

  11. I have a question, are online programs just as competitive as regular grad programs?
  12. Thanks Arcanelady27 for your encouraging words! Looking forward to hearing your outcome with Lehman
  13. That's GREAT Arcanelady27!! I hope you don't see that discouraging professor and really knock it outta the park. You deserve it!! Good Luck!!
  14. feeling blank, but proactive...Tuning out everything with The Police

  15. Nah I didn't apply to other CUNYs, to be honest, I have a feeling I know what needs to be done to strengthen my application. This year I had a lot of doubt and it affected me tremendously. I'm looking into plan B but I wont stop for speech. It's like the love of your life that you can never forget. ..loll I hope you hear good news Arcanelady27
  16. I was rejected from Brooklyn college, no email. Upset but I saw it coming, I'm okay about it and just looking to beef up my application
  17. Hey Arcanelady27, I'm sorry to hear about Lehman college. It's good to know they didn't reject you because of your credentials but rather their handling of your application. If you got a interview before, I wouldn't give up on it if you applied again. I also received the same news from one college, they did not receive one of my transcripts and therefore had to forfeit my application. I was upset at the moment but it's a lesson to be cautious of the next time around. Stick with your dreams, don't give up!
  18. Hey check your messages btw, but to answer your question, that's my overall GPA and in SLP courses I have a 3.366 but my last 60 are 3.5. LOLL I know isn't it exciting when you see someone with your stats getting accepted, it's a glimmer of hope..loll!! I hope they do consider everything, they are the only ones that are so mysterious on their expectations on the website. I think because you have a master's that it speaks volumes because you can handle grad courses. If I don't get in, I think I might go into teaching but I WONT STOP for SPEECH loll..I want to see my professor's face at an ASHA
  19. I did my freshman undergrad at St. John's but finished off at Queens college. Until I went to a Hunter College open house, I had no idea how competitive the CUNYs were and it was too late to pick up my grades. I had a juvenile mindset thinking a B- was okay for every grade but I realized it only hurt me at the end. Eventually I did pick up my grades, I went from a 2.75 to a 3.2...not as competitive but I'm happy to be over the 3.0 mark..Sometimes I roll my eyes and sigh at myself wishing I can smack some sense into my younger self if I had the chance...loll
  20. That's horrible, I can't stand people like that. Just the fact that she said that to you makes my blood boil because I have faced similar people in my life and I zip my mouth shut for respect. But sometimes it gets out of hand with "those" kind of people when they think that just because they're in a field that everyone wants to get into, they should be treated like celebrities. Oh NO NO NO!! I had a similar advisor and professor that said similar things to me, it got to a point where I avoided my advisor all together because I freaked out about her convincing the graduate director to kick me
  21. I agree with you, the CUNYs have a very good reputation and they recognize that. I spoke to my tax person today and she made sense, that CUNYs might be more willing to accept out of state applicants because they must pay more tuition, (while I hope that's not the case or holds any truth) she did also make a point that the more competitive it is, the bigger the pay is (as in salary wise) because not everyone will continue on with Speech if they choose not to. And in regards to Lehman College, I hear you, St. John's told me that they haven't received a transcript that I have sent out 2 months ag
  22. Thanks Arcanelady27! I hope you get one too!! I figured you'd be the first to answer back, we're all about the CUNYs loll
  23. Allow me to re-introduce myself...(I so badly want to break off into a Jay Z voice and sing PSA every time I say that)loll Ok ok...Hello everyone my name is Tatiana, (tiana for short), I got my Bachelor's in CSD from Queen's College last year. I'm 23 years old, Colombian, Guatemalan, and Chinese but I am heavily influenced by American culture. I'm a first generation here, but my parents came here when they were 5 and therefore have no accent but are bilingual themselves. Their interests such as music and comics have influenced my creativity giving me a pretty laid back attitude. Along with
  24. Some hope to those waiting on Brooklyn college, I emailed the graduate fellows asking whether if having an interview was mandatory in order to be admitted into Brooklyn college. This is my first year applying so I don't know too much about what goes on during the process. This is what he/she said: We began interviewing applicants a few years ago and since then there have not been any applicants admitted without first having an interview. We offer interviews to as many applicants as we can. We offer interviews as we review applications but this does not mean once your application is revi
  25. Netflix has finally uploaded the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad!!scared of going on a binge..loll

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      You're welcome!!Can't. stop. watching. loll

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      I watched them all. Sooooo good.

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