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  1. I got that coupon too! But I used it. I figured even if I don't get into grad school, I can damn well look good in my distress.
  2. Rejected from UCLA this morning as well. Oh, c'est la vie! Yes, I did. I think professors (well, anyone) welcomes you taking some time out of your day to say you appreciate their input.
  3. Notified by email that I got into Cranbrook! Yay! I saw some others on the forum got accepted. Congrats all.
  4. Oh... I was confused by the wait in your signature. I thought it meant wait-listed. So cool you got contacted by Catherine Opie. That's the best part of this process, getting to speak with people who blow your mind artistically. I heard a great quote today, "Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety." I feel like confidence is its own reward so I'm just certain that wherever I end up being accepted is exactly where I need to be.
  5. AUUUUUUUGGGHHHHHH! @!#$@$!%%$#@ SCHOOLS. That felt good. Definitely coping well.
  6. Shaoceptual, When/how did you hear back from Columbia and UCLA? Waiting, waiting on reply and also in photo.
  7. Thanks! I see that you're interviewing with Cranbrook also. Congrats! I see that a bunch of people have heard back from the UC's but no word from UCLA...
  8. I'm thinking Starbucks gift cards + cute cards from a local art boutique. I like to give gifts that you can use anywhere (making it more convenient) from places that have some variety. I love supporting local business but the problem is that if someone doesn't normally go there, they would have to go out of their way which makes the gift card inconvenient. Gift cards are best to me because shopping for other ppl can be hellish even if I know them really well. The only other thing I could think of was a gift card for Etsy but again some ppl are more internet-savvy than others. Pretty much every professional drinks coffee/tea.
  9. After lurking FOREVER... I've decided to post my results (so far) here. Just to let everyone know, this forum has been invaluable to me! I'm flying to Cranbrook for an interview on the 3rd for photography. I'm an alternate for Alfred University. And I got one rejection from Carnegie Mellon. Still waiting to hear back from a few (four) others. This is my second time applying for an MFA. Last year, I heard back from no one. I armed myself with all of the information I found here, and really worked on my portfolio. I think more than anything else, NOT worrying about what schools might like and just concentrating on making/submitting work that truly expresses my viewpoint has been the key. Now I'll be searching for information on the in-person interview process. Best of luck everyone.
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