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  1. Developing programs are easier to get into, in my experience.
  2. Five years prior to certification?! That timeline seems unreasonably short. Where is this information published?
  3. Is the alternate list different from the waitlist? The email made it sound like they form the alternate list from the waitlist after people turn in their surveys but I don't know...
  4. I have not. According to the admissions results history, last year they sent out letters on 3/25 and the year before 3/21, so I'd expect something this week!
  5. I'm on the Radford waitlist too. Have you contacted them since?
  6. Purplefuzz! I have so many questions!! What is the faculty like? Is your cohort pretty diverse in terms of education/experience backgrounds? I know it’s pretty early days, but what is the practicum schedule like? How is the workload?
  7. Is your job sort of related to your studies? Would you recommend that? Do you have time to do fun weekly things like sports or clubs?
  8. What about your first year has surprised you the most?
  9. What can we be doing in the meantime to productively prepare for graduate school life?
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