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  1. Rains, 4 bedroom. What did you guys get?
  2. I just moved to Stanford, and now begins the phase where I look to meet people and make friends. Anyone want to throw a frisbee or play cards or meet up or something?
  3. Are all of you starting in the Fall or are any of you starting early?
  4. When one person lives in a living room, how is the decision made? Does the lottery system choose, or is it first come first serve, or do you have to haggle with your roommate?
  5. So are most you applying for on-campus housing? What have you heard about the different options? I've heard: Munger is expensive and social. Rains is rundown and social. Lyman is far away from stuff. EV is less social.
  6. Are you stats people all Bayesians? Anyone familiar with Judea Pearl's theories of directed causal graphs?
  7. Is there priority for housing based on time of submission? Can you edit your app after submitting? I'm wondering if I should apply now with incomplete info or wait for more info and apply later.
  8. Anyone going to start this summer? I will be.
  9. Astarabadi, here are the prices: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/rde-dev/cgi-bin/housing/sites/default/files/pdfs/2012-13_Grad_ResidenceChart.pdf
  10. Looks like you're in good shape. Lots of people applying don't have publications. I didn't!
  11. Stipends and fellowships are almost always taxable. (Even if taxes aren't withdrawn from your paycheck!) Fortunately, if your stipend is small, then so is your tax bill.
  12. My recommendation: make it fun, not a commitment. Play IM sports. Play sports with friends. Play sports with strangers. Or if you can't make it fun, at least make it useful. Commute on a bike. Commute on your feet.
  13. It also varies among schools. Berkeley's first-year entry-level tests are called prelims, while Stanford's are called quals.
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