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  1. I totally agree with others and your advisor. It is just one class, and plus, you got A's in the subsequent classes that are more difficult.
  2. Hi, I am an international student with F-1 visa, so I'm going to answer your question based on my experience. Although I did not choose to attend PennState Hershey's biomedical science program, I have applied and got accepted. From the introductory presentation I was given during the interview session and the conversation with directors and other faculty, the non-citizen students (including permanent residents and international students) are also financially supported equally. I don't know if you are a permanent resident, but if you are not, then the only thing you have to be concerned abo
  3. Your program doesn't have the orientation for early students? It kinds sucks that you couldn't get to know people in your program beforehand. I haven't moved to Pittsburgh yet, actually. Maybe in next few days or so. So I havent met anyone in my program yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.
  4. Hey guys, just few days back I received email about the orientation for those starting from June. I'm so excited that it's really happening, but then I'm also nervous too lol haha
  5. Hey! Seems like it's been super quiet on this forum lol
  6. It's just so funny to me how the discussion is digressing so much from the actual problem. No one is disagreeing with the fact that the very definition may not be as "academic" usage of the word, but in this case, we are dealing with the issue here based on "Academic Plagiarism" and the fact that someone pointing out that it is not how the dictionary says about the word is pointless. Anyways, I wonder how the OP addressed the issue.
  7. The plagiarism definition debate on page 2 reminded me of Ad Hominem fallacy that politicians love so much. Just saying.
  8. I don't understand why this post was (-1)ed. I guess to someone, "the truth hurts".
  9. Hmmm... I guess the tablet notetaking tech hasn't really evolved as much as those tech companies claim that it has. Oh well, even though my laptop is an ultrabook and really thin and light, I'm tire of carrying it around with me all the time, because of the permanently attached keyboard. So I am for sure going to buy a tablet, but now after hearing your experiences, I will be using it for other things than notetaking. Thanks!
  10. It's been quiet here. So, according to the student-list that was sent by email few weeks ago, there are 8 of us starting early on June. Which means that we, 8 of us, get to use the Enrichment account early as well What are you guys planning to use the account for? When I asked current students I met at the interview, most of them said that they bought a new laptop. And they also warned me to save some of the account money to buy textbook, so I won't have to deal with library and making photocopies and such. Anyways, since I just purchased my laptop a year ago, so I am planning to
  11. I'm a new student at UPitt so I cant answer your "where do most graduate student usually end up living" question, but I know for sure that University-Owned apartments are all full and they won't accept any more application for it at this point. I've tried and they dont even return a response lol haha
  12. haha my apartment is on Murray ave too lol We might be indeed riding the same bus to get to campus!
  13. I just signed a lease agreement to secure my apartment in the Squirrel Hill area, 20 mins from campus by bus. Since i will be rotating in the lab at Children's Hospital, I submitted all the security background check paperwork, and all the CITI trainings online have been taken care of!!! Whew...all done!
  14. Oh cool! nice to know there are others starting on June!! My first rotation will be at the Rangos Research Center (Children's Hospital). Where will you be rotating, if you don't mind asking. Yeah I do agree with you. 2-bedroom apartments in Pittsburgh are really reasonable, compared to other cities. But I think I'm gonna rent a studio apartment for the first year, until I make friends in the program and find someone who is interested in being roommate.
  15. I just skimmed through their website. They do have a really nice apartments in the area but they are a little over my budget. The Graduate Studies Office at UPitt SOM told me that they are launching something called "Housing Helpers Program" to help us secure place to live. I hope they launch it very soon.
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