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  1. No, I don't want you to help me lie... I just need a solution to this since I don't know what to do.. Hear me out, I wrote the work all by myself... but I thought I would have the chance to add the proper references when I was done because it becomes distracting rereading my work with references everywhere, but I was putting it off constantly and when I reviewed it before handing it in.. I realized I forgot to add my references so I quickly added them by glancing at the sentences and trying to remember my source+page, but I realized I would never finish the work on time so I started adding ''random'' pages of my sources which did not correspond to the paraphrased idea... The teacher did not conclude it was plagiarism, I just need to get out of this.. bad referencing deal with an acceptable excuse why it does not correspond
  2. Hey everyone! I need your help, I had to write an essay with APA reference, but I was too lazy to add the references right away and when the time came to add them I was tight in time so I thought...well let me just randomly reference my work with the articles and the books I was supposed to use... When my teacher checked my sources, obviously the references pages did not correspond to sentences/ideas so I told him something must have went wrong and it is probably the way I work by pulling out information and taking notes aside then writing my paper.. He told me I must prove him wrong with these notes...but I need a good reason why my references do not correspond to my work... Please help.. I want to message him ASAP with a reason! Thanks in advance *lesson learned for being lazy for once, need solutions*
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