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  1. Do professors use those 21st century phones in their offices where they can see how many missed calls they have or the number the calls came from? Because the call count at my POI's phone from a certain phone number might have crossed into the 'disturbing' territory by now.
  2. I am in a very similar position as well. You didn't make a fool of yourself. It's almost May. You could leave a drunken message in May and still wouldn't make a fool of yourself. All protocol is out of the window once it's May.
  3. No idea about the said programs but have you considered doing an MA (or LLM) in Human Rights Law instead of just MA in Human Rights?
  4. Still waiting to hear from York University - MA in Development Studies. Anyone else in the same situation?
  5. Props to your POI. Most people wouldn't bother. And congrats to you as well.
  6. With a GPA like that, I'd probably look at programs in Europe.
  7. The coordinator of a department in the organization where I applied for a vacancy added me on LinkedIn after I visited his profile following my interview. I did not get the job.
  8. I emailed Orlene last week and the department address today around 8 hours ago and have not heard back. You think I should email the grad chair as well? Also I've never been able to talk to a real person on the phone through Orlene's line.
  9. Hi. I too emailed them and received nothing so far. Which address did you email to?
  10. Anyone here applied to York University - MA in Development Studies?
  11. Well, apparently it's time for me on this forum. My generic rejection email came through a few hours ago. I am not interested in discussing why I was a deserving applicant or mulling over the factors that might have kept me out, but this instantly starts the plan B/C/D phase that I've been dreading for some time. So this weekend is going to be a tough one. Good luck, everyone!
  12. Thanks. I remember reading that article before. By the way, I have feeling this might be a dumb question, but that article and a few other posts I've read talk about co-op placements at DFAIT or CIDA... Are such positions typically available to Canadian nationals only?
  13. Speaking of 2016, If end up going to Carleton I could seriously consider trying to finish the program in one year, since tuition fee for the second year could cause me go entirely broke (especially with the international rate). I know finishing up in one year possible, but is it feasible? Do many people do this? Anyone with experiences? Thoughts?
  14. I did not apply to Ottawa U, but how different are these programs from one another? How do they compare, in terms of content especially, since the location is the same?
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