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  1. I could go in two directions 1. Phd in Political Theory (I know this is completely different but this is what I wished to from start but couldn't for several reasons) 2. Go into UN (Penn IEDP has a compulsory internship option) I am wondering if it would be a mistake turning Columbia down for Penn. What do you think?
  2. Where should I go if I care solely about the reputation and prestige?
  3. I got into Politics and Education at TC. But I also got accepted into Penn's IEDP. Any advice on what to do?
  4. For me, it must have been my SOP and LORs. My SOP was pretty darned good, if I must say so myself. And all of my recommenders knew me quite well. My GPA was less than stellar, although I had a decent GRE score. And I am straight out of undergrad with very little experience. The good news is during your application period, you have a slight control of the two, so everyone still has a shot!
  5. Don't worry, it couldn't have been the only reason you got in. Sure it must have helped but they must have looked at your whole application. So don't undermine yourself and be confident and proud! After all that hard work, you deserve it!
  6. Depends on the program and whether it is lucrative enough to invest in for Oxford. Do you think following Oxford, you could make enough to pay off that debt quickly? If yes, then go for it. The name does matter more than people think. However, for the name, you don't want to be under a financial burden for the majority of your life. Thus, really depends on the program you are going for.
  7. I am assuming you would be turning down the PhD programs after you are awarded the Fulbright? If not, then you are taking a hard gamble. Also, depends on how "good" are the PhD programs you currently have in bag. Are you settling with them?
  8. I got into both of the following programs: - Penn GSE - M.S.Ed. International Education Development Program - Columbia Teachers College - M.A. in Politics and Education I just want to go to a more prestigious program and school and I don't care much for other factors. Does anyone have any insight or advice? Thanks!
  9. I wrote this into manifestation!! I am an international applicant. I woke up at 430am as usual (yes, I know I am slightly off). I checked my email as usual. When I opened the website to check the admission decision, seeing the cute confetti following, I kinda already knew what to expect. Then, of course, I ran around my entire home waking everyone up. I did hear my mum swear. Since then, I have been grinning like crazy, scaring everyone in my periphery. I am going to NYC baby! 😄
  10. Here I was, trying to relax on a weekend. Now, I am back to neurotically checking my mail and portal every half hour. Can I please have a break?!?! ??
  11. Worries: Haven't heard a thing from the 6 schools I applied to. I am worried I am going crazy checking my email every half hour, only taking a rest during non-office hours. Consolation (no excitement lol): I applied to Master programs so it's still a little early. Got my fingers crossed!
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