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  1. Got my rejection from APS a while ago now. Not sure what program you've applied to, but if they're on anything like the same schedule, no news is probably good news.
  2. This was the first result when I checked just now: "This is what I show the judges. They don't know what's good" -- Honey Boo Boo
  3. Let me ask you, just what is your "vision for education?" Is it sending a bunch of rich Americans overseas to teach all the poor people how to educate their children, even in their oh so deplorable conditions? Does it have to do with further managerializing and bureaucratizing education with your "crucial" financial skills? Is it further driving the field away from any semblance of soul or philosophical seriousness by conceptualizing it as an "investment" and teaching others to do the same, presumably so that they can compete in the ubiquitous "competitive global economy?" What a shocker that you have been embraced by the bastions of neoliberal evil that push these types of agendas in the US. Congratulations. You may be right that I can come off as cynical or even angry, but it is, at least in this case, because people like you, who have just bought wholesale and without question the dominant discourse about education, have hijacked a field that I care about.
  4. MIT Political Science: "Strange: Applied to Political Science Department, rejected from Stripclub Department via massive xxx.mit.edu blast email."
  5. "Looks like I'm going to have to do another masters. Cos I sure as hell aint getting a job."
  6. "Computer, analyze grad school. A strange game, the only winning move is not to play."
  7. Two consecutive rejections from UCLA Education PhD "very sad" "not sad"
  8. "I tried to enter my stats, but my number keys were flooded by a torrent of tears" on a rejection, "today's my birthday"
  9. This is actually a favorite pastime of mine. Great topic. "0a/0w/2r 11 The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors"
  10. That's great. It's a pretty fertile area, in my opinion. I'm interested in Max Stirner, the American individualists (mainly Thoreau and Emerson, but Warren, Spooner, and Greene also), and Christian anarchism (which is where most of my interest in religious education comes from).
  11. That's great. Yea I worry about the seemingly myopic policy focus myself quite a bit. I'm mainly interested in civic ed, the history of educational philosophy (Plato, the Sophists, and Rousseau, mainly), and anarchist education. I have some interest in moral and religious ed too. On the teaching experience thing, I really think it's the worst aspect the field, and has stunted its development tremendously. There's this dogma that unless you have "on the ground" experience or "have been in the trenches" or whatever, you can't do good work in education, which is transparently nonsense I think, especially if you're interested in theory/philosophy. If you want to understand some practical activity theoretically, the last person you want to talk to is someone who actually does it. Philosophers who study aesthetics know not to talk to painters or musicians about aesthetic theory. You watch them and think about how they do what they do, but it's a bad idea to assume that they have a good handle on it themselves. I know that's super controversial, at least in education, but I think it's true.
  12. Cool man. Applied to Harvard, Penn, Pittsburgh, Illinois, Colorado, and Michigan. So far no gos on Michigan and Pitt explicitly and Harvard presumed. I have literally no K-12 teaching experience and my background is entirely in philosophy, both undergrad and MA, so whatever. What are you interested in specifically?
  13. No we can't. Just kidding. To me the difference in rank isn't enough to justify any degree of downgrade in fit, let alone a big one. What I've always heard is that in most disciplines, once you get into the top handful of programs it all blurs when it comes to job hunts after graduating. I always think of it this way, my motivation and ability to do lots of badass work in my field will likely be higher at a place with a really good fit and culture than it would be somewhere with a weaker fit, where I would have to finagle with people to work with me on stuff I wanted to work on, etc. Have some confidence that you'll stand out for the volume and quality of the work you'll be able to produce at a well-fitting program rather than just the prestige of the program.
  14. The most recent one I'm seeing says it was received via e-mail today. The comment reads "No interview and direct email of acceptance? What was that surprise about?"
  15. I mean don't get me wrong I hope it isn't, but...
  16. That most recent post must be a joke right?
  17. That's a big no. GeoDUDE is right. It's heinous that programs even offer people unfunded PhDs.
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