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  1. Some clarifications. 1. The USNWR rankings and Ivy League mean nothing, I was not referring to those rankings. WUSTL is a good example of a program that does not fare that well in the USNWR and is not an Ivy, but is clearly a top program. There are some programs highly ranked by the USNWR as well as Ivies that are overrated IMO. 2. Look at the data and talk to professors. It is well known that there is a hierarchy in hiring and there have been studies confirming that the vast majority of jobs go to those from elite programs (top 15-20 or so). Part of it is the brand, but these school
  2. Getting your PhD in English from one of the top 10 schools in the country (like Harvard) is probably a bad idea. Getting your PhD from school outside the top tier is just insane. Sorry, but this cannot be said enough. At least some of the Ivies offer stipends of over $30k/year so you're not totally wasting 5-7 years of your life if (and when) you have to switch careers. The schools that will actually replace the jobs vacated by retiring faculty will be elite private universities (like the Ivies, Stanford, Duke, Vandy, etc) and private LACs with big endowments (Swarthmore, Williams, Amherst, et
  3. Also, based on past years, I would guess that Princeton will extend offers this afternoon via phone and post rejections tomorrow.
  4. I would agree. But Brown admits received mass acceptance from the graduate school, not even from the department. To be honest, I've been really put off by the entire process of applying for graduate school. I mean, is it really that hard to notify everyone at once? The entire grad school process is very opaque, sometimes I feel like I'm applying to some secret society...
  5. Unfortunately, I think if you didn't get an email yesterday from Harvard, it doesn't look promising. It appears they sent out a mass form email. I know someone pointed out that they notified over multiple days a couple years ago. But if you look closely, you'll see that the one person got a personal email from a POI days before, followed by what appears to be a mass acceptance email. The one person who posted a day later probably just posted on Gradcafe a day late. Hopefully I'm wrong. They do usually have a waitlist, but those won't be received until the end of the month because they notify v
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