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  1. To clarify, I wrote: "This isn't the case of "screwing ethics" but a matter of what would have been most beneficial for your training." Anyway, I'm not going to get into argument about the nuances. But rather, I'd prefer to wish OP all the best.
  2. Clearly, I did not say "screw ethics," but an appropriate response in OP's case would have been to engage in a discussion with the relevant departments before undertaking a serious decision. All this is by-the-by, and I am sure she/he will nonetheless have a very successful career. This is a more a learning situation than anything.
  3. You made a poor decision. This isn't the case of "screwing ethics" but a matter of what would have been most beneficial for your training. However, that said, the decision has been made, and does not foreclose the possibility that you will outperform in your chosen program.
  4. In a nutshell, you are being paid to a job. In my experience, what your advisor is asking you to do is not unusual.
  5. I don't understand what the problem is. Helping out colleagues is part of the research experience and, in particular, it is vital for developing beneficial relationships. You'll get an acknowledgement in the dissertation, and, hopefully, enough gratitude to access return favours.
  6. This happens. I did it. I was still admitted to top schools. Do not sweat it.
  7. It doesn't hurt to email and check. Personally, I would.
  8. You don't need an H1B for entry into the States. Australians and New Zealanders can apply for special visa entries (I forget what it is called) where you are allowed to work and live in the US for one year without needing a job to begin with. I was informed of this visa by a US official when I visited the US consulate earlier this year. A three-year undergrad degree in Australasia may suffice for US Masters but an honours component to that degree is ideal. Above all, get advice from the US consulate in Australia.
  9. Yes, I know exactly what I am looking for. I also know I can look at local thriftstores. I am also asking here in case people know of other online stores that I may have missed.
  10. I really would rather not feed the troll. This thread was really about find alternative sources for used books, and I have received some wonderful, helpful suggestions. I've been curious about thriftbooks. However, the company's reviews have been less than stellar (books not turning up). Has anyone else had success with them?
  11. Personally, I love finding old textbooks with marginalia: as you say, it augments the text, or at least, it engineers new layers on the text. Of course, I know that there is such a thing as a library. But Loric, once you enter grad school, you will find that there are texts that you return to time and time again. It's easier to have the texts in front of you than to borrow them constantly.
  12. Aside from book depository, Abe, Amazon prime, betterworldbooks? I still find that they are quite costly.
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