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  1. If it helps any, I lived in Bloomington/Normal for several years and I would gladly move back. It is a great little town. Perfect size and statistically the most restaurants and bars per ca pita in the United States. Loads of stuff to do, super low crime rate, low cost of living.
  2. As far as gift suggestions, anything tea/coffee related always goes over well with academics!
  3. I got my LoR writers each something small, inexpensive, and fairly personal. One was an inside joke (novelty mints in comic tins) one prof was having a baby relatively soon so I got a literary themed onesie and the other some fancy loose leaf tea. Silly stuff that is below 10 bucks and just shows some thought to go a long with a nice letter. I wouldn't think any awkwardness would ensue if the gifts aren't lavish/inappropriate. My profs really appreciated the gesture.
  4. I got a B from a prof who is so rigorous everyone claims their Bs are really As in another class. I got into some great places. I would hardly say an A- is a problem. A B- or a C? Probably need to be able to explain it in the PS
  5. 1. Foucault 2. Bakhtin 3. Freire 4. Benjamin Hon. mention goes to Bhabha
  6. sorry I missed this post. Yeah I talked with Tina, she was fantastic. Gave lots of great details. Though as a poor grad student whose stipend runs out May 31st I'm not that excited about the first pay from UCR coming in October (I think? I guess I'm getting paid two ways due to fellowship/stipend). Regardless, this program is the best fit for me. Are you still considering UCR highly? Your signature is impressive! 5 acceptances?! I have three but am only really deciding between two, and one of them isn't in southern California, if you know what I mean. What is your field of interest?
  7. Yeah, my wife is my best friend and I've been successful to date (I've just completed my MA this semester). If you have a SO that is willing to work with/alongside you in all aspects of the marriage/relationship and they understand that you are often under great stress, life will be just fine. Some of the posters on this forum have kids and families etc and are very successful (from their acceptances in their signatures, at least!).
  8. I mean, how hard is it to send an en masse email to us sorry souls? I kinda wonder how the program would be if they handle things like this. I'm not mad or doubting their quality, I just feel like I'd end up being a number. A well-paid number
  9. Horb I did not send an official. I'm guessing with the way they handle things as far as number of applicants they said "screw it, 90% will be rejected anyways" and didn't want to bother with officials.
  10. Here to join the Rutgers bloodbath. That ruined my post-yoga feels.
  11. Don't fear, I'm the king of nowhere schools and I did it. I didn't get into Ivies (I didn't apply) but I got into a top 50 with a fellowship and a fully funded program ranked 63. My undergrad school had 800 students! Anything is possible don't give up!
  12. Looking at the Rutgers acceptance on the board, all I can think is "The audacity! How could one hear on the 23rd and not notify the general populace ASAP!?!?" Is that sad? Have we reached that level yet?
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