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  1. I like your attitude! It is also a pretty unique opportunity. It is so much easier to learn french when you actually get to use it on a regular basis.
  2. I'm very inconsistent with grocery shopping but I think it would average out to about 40$ a week. Last year my husband and I were spending about 55$ a week for two of us. I guess I'm the one with the expensive taste! I also find it incredibly difficult to get just the right amount for one person so I waste more than I should.
  3. I was going to mention this as well, but I wasn't sure if in more student focused areas of Montreal, things were different. In NDG (which I highly recommend) it's definitely the case though. Trying to save money by looking for a September 1st lease could definitely backfire.
  4. My school is closed because of flooding and so I can't go work at the library. I can't work at home. I've been sitting at the table for almost an hour. Doing nothing. I really really need to write this essay. Motivation, where are you??
  5. Even in my undergrad! I think it is very wise to choose your home environment carefully.
  6. I always answer something like that when I have nothing to add but still want to acknowledge receipt/help. I think it is the polite thing to do.
  7. May I ask you why you applied to the first 2 places? Just curious...
  8. Gosh, I hadn't even thought about this! I've been using a plain jansport backpack for the past 4 years or so. It has probably saved my back but it's far from pretty and it's not going to last much longer. Time to go shopping!
  9. Oh do I feel your pain! I procrastinated a bit more than usual for a while after getting my admit, and now I'm paying the price! Finishing up one paper, writing another and studying for an exam. Can't wait for it all to be over!!
  10. I grew up in the country, lived in the city for a year, the suburbs for 2 and then did my undergrad in a very small college town near a small city. I have loved and hated aspects of every place I've lived. Now that I am heading to the big city for my MA, I am worried about distractions and not being able to get enough fresh air. Going back home to the country has been my mental health saviour in the last few years. I think my ideal location for research would be a small city that I could easily get out of when I need to. My current college town is great for that. Because it is on the outskirts, you can drive for 5 minutes and be in the middle of nowhere.
  11. I made a decision without visiting. Ultimately, I felt that the other factors were more important than liking the physical environment. Now I'm just hoping that what I felt with regards to fit without visiting was accurate! It was a leap of faith but sometimes that just what you have to do. I'm sorry I can't comment on the specific programs.
  12. Interesting! I have a much older kindle which I had hoped to read textbooks on but (a) many were inaccessible and ( taking notes was ridiculous. Is note taking on the Paperwhite flawless? And how is it for reading pdf articles? I've been thinking of buying an iPad for reading articles (I like being able to have them on a separate screen from my computer). This might be a much much cheaper alternative!
  13. Thanks for posting that! I looked for that information a few days ago and didn't find it for some reason. Congrats scholarlypartier!! I'm happy they are informing alternates as people turn down their offers.
  14. I can't do digital and I feel like renting is a waste of money. If the book was one that I really wouldn't want to keep in the long run I'd opt for digital. I find it difficult to read for extended periods of time on my computer and I get more easily distracted. I think of books as an investment and just minimize how much I carry them around.
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