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  1. catling

    Do Canadian universities all have late notification?

    I am also waiting and it's making me crazy. I sent an email on the 20th to the dept secretary and got no response. Meanwhile I was accepted by another school and they'd like my response by April 3rd. ughhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Well it looks like I'm not eligible for the scholarship after all :/. For anyone curious: The residence (tourist/travel does not count, only so-called "main activities": study, work, and so on) must not have been more than 12 months in total in the past 5 year period (ending on the application deadline, January 8th, 2017). I'm at 13 months if we're counting 5 years from Jan 2017. My fault for not clarifying this at the time I applied.
  3. @nautilus90 Honestly I have no idea what you mean by geographical window. I haven't seen that phrase anywhere in my application process. Is it like the category A/B scholarship thing? I'm being nominated for one of 5 category A scholarships.
  4. @nautilus90 Congrats to you too! My email also said the final approval will come in May. Please note that the selection of candidates for the Erasmus-Mundus scholarships made by the Selection Committee of the LCT Program is provisional, pending approval of the nominated candidates by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission. We expect the EACEA decision in May. We shall inform you of the result as soon as we can. @LibbyCreek Thanks! I got my first choice (Saarland University in Germany) and the other school is in Spain, which I'm very happy with as well.
  5. I heard back today and I'm getting nominated for the scholarship!!! This is for the LCT program. I'm a little worried about the residency requirement, because I did live in Europe from 2012-2013 sooOOooooOOoo it kind of depends on how they define the "past 5 years". 5 years from September 2017? or 5 years from Jan 2017? I know, I know.... I need to send an email. I'm just gonna freak out for another hour or so.
  6. @LibbyCreek The group I found was super active just before the applications were due. Right now it's quiet, so I'm taking that as a sign no one has heard back yet....
  7. @LibbyCreek Have you searched facebook? I managed to find a group for the EM LCT program.
  8. I applied to the LCT (language communication & technology) program. Hoping to hear back soon...
  9. catling

    Best method for improving GRE Quant Score

    Here's what I used ETS official quant book. This was the most helpful resource for me. I liked it because they walked you through their GRE-logic. I had a problem with making too many assumptions in geometry (wishful thinking?) so reading their explanations really helped me. Magoosh. As a non-trad student, I felt like I was almost starting from 0 in some math subjects so I really needed these videos. I also recommend Khan Academy for videos. I drilled lots of percent, ratio, and rate problems from various sources. These fundamental topics alone cover a lot of the GRE. Manhattan practice tests for pacing. Is your problem with pacing? I bought one of the Manhattan books (titled "Word Problems"), which gave me access to 8 practice tests online and that helped me get used to the format. PowerPrep practice tests
  10. catling

    Older/Non-traditional students

    Non-trad here (30). I just took the test this month and I was amazed that I did better than all of my practice tests. Magoosh videos definitely helped me because for some concepts I basically had to start from 0. Magoosh practice problems made me feel terrible tbh and seem much harder than the actual test, so don't freak out if you're not getting them all. I think the best practice for me was the official ETS quantitative book, because it breaks down the kind of 'test logic' the ETS wants. I also bought one of the manhatten books (word problems) because that seemed like my weakest area. It had some pretty different strategies than Magoosh and I think that was helpful for me. ALSO... make sure you bring some kind of sugary snack for the break. I could just feel my energy sapping just when the problems started getting hard.

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