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  1. Rejection from NYU PhD, but "rejection" email began: "On behalf of Interim Dean Anna Harvey and the Graduate School of Arts and Science, I am very pleased to tell you that you have been admitted to the Master of Arts program in Politics. You may register for the fall, 2017, semester."
  2. I hope no Duke yet otherwise my application season is in pieces
  3. If we consider Berkeley and Princeton as rejects, I am three rejections and await on 6 more humbly (and why not count princeton and berkeley? In Russia, if something goes away and you don't hear more, you assume is gone). If doctor of science of politics don't work out, I will pursue career in husbandry of animals. I feel especially drawn to moose and fish.
  4. Nothing from Princeton on my end, so probably rejection. But everyone else who didn't get accepted, no worries! I hear if you get rejected from Princeton on three different occasions, you get a free ice cream cone at Queen of Dairy! Just waiting for official letter to collect my frozen bingo treat.
  5. Claiming UCSD rejection. My hopes for warmer weather are sinking.
  6. Trolls will be dealt with in most humane manner possible
  7. Don't crimea a river: Yale is troll, admissions committee still stalin. Better baikal up if you want to bear next few weeks.
  8. Gotcha. Figured that was most likely the case. And yes, not terribly helpful to make the subject line, "Pre-Departure Orientation." Minor heart palpitations on my end as well, although Alyssa sent me the orientation email a solid week after notifying me of my standing as an alternate.
  9. Quick question for alternates, and especially Eurasia alternates: Did you receive an email from Alyssa Yeng (or your program manager) about attending Pre-departure Orientation in the event that your status changes? I would assume this is standard practice these days, but I don't believe they sent out anything like that three years ago. (I was an alternate then as well. Sigh.)
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