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  1. I would say that the process did go better than I expected, because I am a worst-case scenario person and expected the worse. I applied to a very large variety of schools but I was worried that I would not be accepted to any, even the "safety" schools. I believe that what kept me out of most programs was, probably even more than my sub-par math gre, my undergrad institution, which is unknown and not prestigious in the slightest regard. My professors to me from the beginning that it would be the biggest hurdle. I do wish I hadn't waisted as much money as I did applying to as many "long shots", but I felt that it was worth the try! I was so thrilled and surpised that I actually got accepted into USF, because of the unranked programs, it was a top choice, and the full funding was more than joyous!! I was frankly even honored to have been waitlisted at certain schools, and chosen for some MA programs at schools at which I applied for a PhD. I went into the process with very realistic expectations so I feel that the outcome was fantastic.
  2. Finally the brutal process is over! Rejected from Purdue and UW-Madison waitlist (btw anyone waitlisted at UW-Madison may want to confirm- I emailed them and was told that the admissions process has been closed for this season, they did not notify me!). I am attending University of South Florida and have a 5-years of funding! I am absolutely THRILLED!!!!!!!!
  3. Hooray!! I'm thrilled to hear this!! So farewell to Boston for you!!
  4. How fabulous to hear!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  5. best of luck to you isothenia- I know that Pitt is certainly a dream school and your tension must be at peak! Everyone on these threads has been so supportive of each other and it will be so nice to see the tension and anxiety finally over for us all!
  6. what have you narrowed it down to?! Are you still waiting on any schools yourself?
  7. that's true! Ugh, today- I have become this blob just refreshing my email and the gradcafe!
  8. I know that I saw on the boards last year there were just a few acceptances off the waitlist AFTER the 15th- how is that permissible?
  9. I just wanted to say how truly awful I feel about what happened to you (and others) with the CU Boulder email. That had to be terrible. Thankfully you had the intuition that something was off, so that softened the blow, but it still had to be terrible.
  10. well I decided to email UW-Madison and was told the same- that I'm "still on the waitlist" - just like the other 1,000 of us waitlisted there! I just want this following week to be over with- I know this may be irrational but I feel guilty holding USF in suspense like this. I am going to be elated if I do end up going there!
  11. Do you think at this point it is appropriate to contact the schools we are waitlisted at and ask for an update? I contacted them initially (which for me was one month ago), but all I want to know at this point is if I am realistically in the running. I know I will probably receive an ambiguous answer, but I don't want to come off as a pest if I do contact them. Thoughts?
  12. This doesn't concern me personally but wow this in unreal! Any idea why? Is this perhaps because of some kind of upheaval in the department? It seems that it's a rather odd coincidence this many would happen to go on leave at one time.
  13. Officially declined Temple today, they were very gracious about it. So now it's just a matter of seeing whether or not UW-Madison or Purdue happen to offer me anything or not, and if they don't I'll be heading to USF! No matter what I'm very happy!
  14. oh wow that is so much tension! CUNY would be simply amazing to get into, and Miami would be incredible too- I can see why you are so tense! Thanks for the wishes, hoping for the best for you as well! I just hope these next two weeks go by as quick as they can so we can know our fate and start preparing for our paths!
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