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  1. I may have to give my older sister tough love because she needs a serious wake up call. She's on the verge of pushing her own family away and I am just not sure how much more I can take. But it's difficult because she has two kids and I would be devastated if giving her tough love meant I couldn't see them. Not to mention, they live right next door, so I don't even know how to approach it. /sigh. It's so hard being treated like absolute crap by a family member you have helped so much over the years....
  2. Good for you! Try checking out the older students thread, there's several women in that thread that are currently in grad programs that are older, married, and with kids . Good luck!
  3. He's either quite busy and hasn't had the time to talk or he's just not interested? The only way you'll know, as many people have stated in this post, is just ask him point blank. I know that's awkward and the idea of being rejected by someone you like sucks, but you have to try so you can clear your head. If he still won't respond after asking him, then just move on.
  4. Maybe he was being kind? I can't really fully say, but the 11 year difference may or may not be of interest to him. If/when you do see him around on campus, just ask him to talk and find out where he stands with you? If you find that he isn't interested in anything beyond a friendship, then don't be afraid to move on from it. You're still very young and have plenty of time and opportunity to meet someone who may be a better fit for you.
  5. At the end of the day, it's really up to you whether or not completing a MS in your field is advisable. If you really want to, then start researching programs and figuring out how to apply, etc. Good luck.
  6. Hello there. Not sure if I can be of some help or not, but, have you thought of maybe taking some time off after you finish your BA? Schools will always be there and maybe taking a year or so off will help you to determine what works best for you and maybe gain some work experience that would help boost your CV/resume. As far as when you should apply? From everything I've read and discussed with former professors, it is really dependent on your field and the school itself. But if you are starting the basic process now (researching schools, prepping for the GRE, etc) you'll be ahead of the
  7. Thanks for your input. From everyone I have spoken with-former coworkers, professors, etc. all have more or less been very encouraging and saying this is common route for people in this field. I've committed myself to the idea now. I've been contacting schools and am currently studying when I can for the GRE. Just a matter of figuring out which school will be taking students and applying once the GREs are taken. Thanks for the tip on the cooperative units, almost every school I have interest in has those!
  8. So true... my cat is the same way. He's just turned 6 years old this month and while he's mellowed out over the years, he's still just as chatty. My cat has definitely won, cause we "converse" frequently. lol. Ah well, love the little furball nonetheless. Also, reusable grocery bags (the cloth ones). I don't know why, but my cat LOVES them. When I bring groceries in and have those, it's like he's waiting for one to be emptied so he can dive in and lay down in it. So if you have those, see if your cat likes them. It's a cheap and easy entertainment if they do. Plus, it's entertaining for you as
  9. Thanks! Certainly trying to grab it. We shall see how it pans out .
  10. I'm also an applicant (or well planning to be) for Fall 2015 for a MS in similar field but with a concentration in wildlife biology. I actually applied to one MS program about 3-4 years ago. My GREs were terrible, GPA was just under a 3.0 and I had only one relevant field experience. Needless to say, I wasn't accepted. I took it as a sign that it wasn't my time to go yet and since then I have completed a 2nd BS where I was on the dean's list with high honors for the time I was there, graduating with a 3.7+ GPA, a ton of field experience, and have made several professional contacts. Wildlife/f
  11. Is there a way you could maybe find alumni of the program(s) you're looking into? Like a list of recent graduates? That might be a way of getting the information you're seeking. /shrug Just an idea!
  12. Sorry to hear you're not enjoying yourself. I can imagine it is rather difficult being in another country feeling that way. Who knows, maybe things will swing into place and you'll find your groove. But, if after some time and you still feel out of place, miserable, then withdrawing might be your best route. If you end up ever wanting to change career paths to the veterinary world, I have some tips. I got my first BS in Animal Science afterall! When you say veterinary nurse, I am assuming you meant veterinary technician/assistant. You wouldn't need to major in biology in order to go that
  13. I'm a relatively new to the grad cafe as well. But I have found some super helpful comments and suggestions on here, so browse around, you might find something worthy of noting. I'll be retaking the GREs myself in the winter (Dec I'm guessing), so I know how you feel. There's a thread on here called the GRE free resources or something along those lines. Tons of good prep links on there that I have bookmarked. Anyway, welcome and good luck!
  14. So I am not sure if I'm really considered an older student per se.. I'm 7 days shy of being 27 but I've always been beyond my years (or so I've been told). I just finished my second BS this past May and I was definitely one of the oldest of the student body there. I'm looking into graduate programs for Fall 2015 (hopefully). In some ways, I feel like the "odd one out" because some of my peers from my first college went straight into graduate school and now are working full time in their field. And then the other half of my peers from my 2nd college are just setting foot in the the real world p
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