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  1. Never checking grad cafe for the rest of my life...
  2. boxboss

    Fall 2010?

    Anyone apply to Harvard's Human Evolutionary Biology (formerly Biological Anthropology)? I haven't heard a peep...expecting a rejection letter in the mail any day. Pessimism much?
  3. boxboss

    Fall 2010?

    Got my rejection from Duke as well Knew it was a long shot but was still holding out hope.
  4. boxboss

    Fall 2010?

    I have heard nothing. Looks like in the past they haven't made decisions until around March 7. So I'll wait a week before wringing my hands.
  5. not the same person this whole process is so ridiculous that sometimes i wonder how everybody keeps a straight face.
  6. Does anyone know if I got into the programs to which I applied? Also: does anyone know if I'll be receiving funding? Lastly, I'm wondering if I'll be getting tenure in 15-20 years. Anyone hear anything? Thanks in advance.
  7. I don't think this will surprise anyone who has looked back at last year's result's forum information, but there is a definite trend towards a lower acceptance/rejection ratio as the season goes on. Here are the numbers I put together from last year (just doing a ctrl+f on the results page, broken down into 50-item chunks). 12 Jan - 16 Feb: 20 accept / 11 reject = 0.64 17 Feb -24 Feb: 21 accept / 22 reject = 0.49 24 Feb -27 Feb: 12 accept / 25 reject = 0.32 27 Feb -2 March: 9 accept /32 reject = 0.22 2 March - 5 March: 11 accept / 32 reject = 0.25 5 March - 10 March: 14 accept / 28 reject = 0.33 10 March - 12 March: 5 accept / reject 36 = 0.12 12 March - 18 March 9 accept / 36 reject = 0.2 Doesn't tell you anything about your schools, of course, but it gives you the general trend. There does seem to be a little boost around the 3-10 of March, which I'm assuming are wait-listed acceptances, but who knows.
  8. boxboss


    i find that refreshing my inbox every 30 seconds really relieves stress
  9. I hope you didn't use either "philander" or "malinger" in your personal statement, since - unless you had a very strange undergraduate career - they don't seem to be used correctly above. Were you feigning illness in order to sleep with many women? or were they separate events?
  10. Based on the results page, I was expecting to not hear back about any of my programs until at least mid-February. Then, out of the blue, I got an acceptance yesterday. Guess they like to keep you on your toes...
  11. I did the exact same thing. Heart stopped for approximately 2.5 days.
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