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  1. emailed to say i've been waitlisted by harvard! chances are probably incredibly slim, but at least the letter was nice.
  2. saw an acceptance from Harvard on the results board - anyone here want to claim it?
  3. @Eliza123 and @imamura12 my prediction is this friday for Harvard acceptances. Of course rejections will probably take a little longer urghhh -______- what are your areas of interests?
  4. Hey, this is my vague area of interest! I just submitted PhD applications with the idea for my research being how urban destruction and the forced demolition of buildings in captured in film. Check out Giuliana Bruno at Harvard (and Laura Frahm), she is a professor in both film and the architecture department. Harvard VES department overall has interests in urban life / architecture.
  5. wooo congrats!! Whats your interest area? and where else are you waiting to hear back from? good luck with our other acceptances!
  6. @dreamsfrombunkerhill oh noooo! im sure it was better than you thought - maybe they pushed and tested you because they thought you were a strong candidate? did they said when you would hear back?
  7. the Harvard art history PhD applicants are hearing back now judging from the Results Board, so hopefully not long for the VES applicants!
  8. @dreamsfrombunkerhill congrats! and @moviegirl your application still sounds strong to me! @imamura12 welcome to our very quiet thread! what sort of research are you interested in?
  9. Hey thanks for the reply - yeah that makes sense, when I sat down with the head of the Harvard faculty last year, she makes clear that she only really gets in contact with or agrees to meet students who are already at Harvard (I was doing my MA there so got lucky). As an alumni I thought that might hold some weight when trying to get in contact with other staff members but no luck annoyingly!
  10. Nice to hear from you! Those seem like a solid list of courses! have you looked into Chicago much? Are you only applying to places where there is definitely at least one professor who shares interests with you? I'm finding it all to be a conundrum, everywhere wants you to write a personal statement focusing on your potential research, but they totally understand that your research focus may change.... in that sense I don't whether to apply to places which broadly align with my interests (e.g. interdisciplinary, strong focus on critical theory) but there are no staff members who I 'click'
  11. Have a look at Mignon Nixon at the Courtauld - she is great on psychoanalysis and queer theory! and Alyce Mahon at University of Cambridge. Also University of Essex in the UK might be a good fit. I'm applying for film studies PhD this year too, and share your confusion about good programs! My interests are pretty different (urban destruction as mediated through film), but finding programs that are a great fit can be tricky... so far my list only has 2!
  12. I'm also applying for film studies PhD and having the same problem... My SoP as it currently stands has a paragraph which basically gives a rundown of my master's thesis - what is was about, what methodology I used, why I found it interesting, and a big summary of my main argument/findings... I think it reads well, but equally I don't want to give them the impression that i'm inflexible etc...!
  13. Thought I'd start a thread as nothing popped up in my search! I come from the UK with a BA in art history and MA that specialised in film studies (though my degree is officially 'history of art', hoping it won't be held against me!) and so far I'm interested in: -Film and Visual Studies at Harvard -MCM at Brown -History, Theory and Crit at MIT (in the arch department, but they accept art historians there's a guy who specialises in my intended topic) I don't have a large choice of locations, as I'm staying on the East Coast to be near my partner who can't move. Also feeling pretty b
  14. Does anyone have any information about the admitted students day eg when it is, do we get accommodation, do they contribute towards flights? Thanks from a confused English girl!
  15. Got into Arts In Education! Very dependent on financial aid so not celebrating too much.....!
  16. Hi everyone I'm from the UK and applying to the AIE masters at Harvard! Bit confused about GRE and my GPA (used an online converter) so if you can give me any indication about how good they are then that would be great! GRE Score (Revised): V: 163 Q: 157 AWA 6.0 GPA UnderGrad: 3.7 (but from a top university, not sure if that makes it slightly better?!?) GPA Masters: I find out my first semester's grade in a few weeks! Work Experience: Not much as went straight from undergrad to my current MA, but director and trustee of small educational charity that sends undergrads from Oxbridge
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