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  1. @tunamelt Thanks for the encouragement I hope you're right! They didn't say when I could expect to hear back from them. Thanks for the info about Harvard, btw. Fingers crossed for both of us!
  2. @clauderains Tell me about it! USC was 6 out of 128 — that's like 4.6%...
  3. @clauderains The prof told me they accepted five people this year.
  4. For anyone who applied to Pitt: a professor with whom I am interested in working let me know I was waitlisted yesterday, so I suppose they should be coming out with acceptances and rejections soon.
  5. @brogan4334 Congratulations on your acceptances! Did your notification from UCB include any stats regarding admissions? Haven't heard back from them yet and I'm curious.
  6. @clauderains Best of luck and congratulations on your acceptance to LIU! Out of curiosity, did you ask UT Austin if you could defer in order to pursue the job for a year?
  7. Anyone have news of acceptances/rejections yet? I was called on Thursday by USC and offered a fully funded position in their Cinema and Media Studies MA program! I applied to the Ph.D., but I'll take anything!!
  8. Hi all, I've been attaching official secured PDF transcripts to several graduate school applications. Two of my transcripts are supplied by "TranscriptsNetwork" (a Credentials Solution offshoot) and one is from University of Pittsburgh's own online system. I sent these transcripts to myself, meaning I am the "intended recipient" of all these "Third-Party Secure PDFs." When I attached them to some applications, I received an error message that a password protected/encrypted file cannot be accepted by the system. Should I be worried that this is the case for ALL applications, even t
  9. Hi tunamelt and others (who will hopefully materialize!), I went to Berkeley where I earned my B.A. in Film and Art History and a minor in English. I'm applying to PhD programs at: UC Santa Barbara (Film and Media Studies); UC Berkeley (Film and Media); Harvard (Film and Visual Studies); Stanford (Art History with focus in cinema); Duke (Literature); UC Santa Cruz (Film and Digital Media); University of Pittsburgh (Film Studies and Art History joint program); Yale (Film Studies and Art History joint program) I might be applying to USC (Cinema and Media Studies) – Not sure a
  10. Hi all, I'm in the process of writing my SOP for PhD programs in Film and Media Studies/Visual Cultures/you know, that kind of thing. Some quick background: my B.A. is in Film Studies & Art History, and I earned a minor in English. I wrote my honors thesis on a fairly esoteric, relatively unknown film directed by Orson Welles (F for Fake). In my SOP I state that I'd like to continue research on F for Fake in the hopes of contributing to what is a relatively small body of academic work on the film. F for Fake has a lot of relevant, postmodern issues surrounding it (e.g., authorsh
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