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  1. I just finished up with David Engerman's Know Your Enemy: The Rise and Fall of America's Soviet Experts. Good read for those interested in the subject, and a good example of what the current academic literature in the field should be. I'm now reading two books at once, David Hackett Fischer's Washington's Crossing and Richard Reeves' President Kennedy: Profile of Power. I recommend both, especially Fischer's. Great readability, regardless of knowledge in the subject, and a definite example of what any historical writer should aspire to.
  2. As someone who has research interests in the same field, I can tell you this: go with Chiba's advice and look for the professor, not the school. That being said, I'll normally always pitch for the University of Wisconsin; Jeremi Suri is one of the names in the Cold War field that you should be familiar with. But I know that he'll be on sabbatical this coming fall (he's got another book coming out), and they took a pretty good number of applicants last year in the 20th C. American/Cold War/International field, so UW may not be a good choice for this year. Take a gander at Brandeis, Yale (if you like), WashU, and pretty much any other school that seems to gain consensus on this thread. Good luck!
  3. If you haven't read anything by James Michener or Edward Rutherfurd, it's hard to call yourself a history geek. I recommend anything by the two. Be prepared for a good, long read, though. After I finish Secret History of the Mongols, I plan on reading Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy. Of course, I also recommend the seminal classic: Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way, by Bruce Campbell.
  4. Do you believe in miracles...YES!! Just got the email from Brandeis! I've been accepted off the waitlist!
  5. RockEater

    Offer Accepted

    I'm still hoping a spot is going to open at Brandeis- it's my only shot. Have you heard anything about people turning offers down there?
  6. RockEater

    Offer Accepted

    It was the commercial that did it for you, wasn't it? I mean, when JoePa says, "COME TO PENN STAAAATE," you come running, I guess.
  7. RockEater


    Hm, I wager as soon as you thought of it, Professor X already knew. Sorry. I couldn't resist.
  8. Jeeze, it must be Passover Good Pesach! I exchanged emails with Brandeis none too recently. It's really funny because they think I've got other offers I'm weighing. Obviously, I did not directly answer that question and reaffirmed that Brandeis is my top choice and if accepted I would attend. No need to show them my Jack high if they think I'm holding a flush!
  9. RockEater

    No word yet

    Agreed. NYU is really jerking us around this year. I'm still waiting for word from them.
  10. First, welcome! Second, when are you planning to actually "move in"? Are we talking May, June, July? If that's the case, maybe you can find a subletter. The Badger Herald will be issuing their Subletter Guide soon, so keep an eye out for that. If you're moving in August, take a look around town and ask some of the faculty and current grads; they should be able to give you some good advice.
  11. No, I'm from about a half-hour northwest of the city. I just know the area.
  12. So the Kankakee area or thereabouts?
  13. Chicago is nice, except for the fact that it is where fun goes to die (don't believe me? ask anyone that goes there!) At this point in the game, I don't think I'll have anything going for me except the waitlist at Brandeis. NYU will probably mail out their decisions between the 15th-20th (their spring break). I had the most wonderful dream last night where I went to my mailbox to find an acceptance letter from NYU (in a rather large package). Alas, I fear that it shall be naught but a dream. So...if you're accepted and not going to Brandeis...tell them now and ease my suffering!
  14. See what I get for asking? Oh well. Help me, NYU, you're my only hope!
  15. RockEater

    History 2010

    For those who have not seen, Columbia is issuing its emails now. Mine said no. Are you surprised? Thought not. Back to your lives, people.
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