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  1. There are grad apartments with kitchens. I actually think all of them have kitchens, but I wouldn't over-generalize because I haven't been to all apartments. All Ashton-woods apartments have kitchens and I believe that all/most Orchard Downs apartments do too.
  2. Thanks. I was thinking about the option of spelling this thing out. I am considering that. I did want to submit both parts at the same time. Also, the second part (where I need to cite myself) seems more 'exciting' maybe, like it has more chances to be published. I think I will try to find a solution which will allow me to submit both, and if not - do them one at a time. Thanks again!
  3. I think I will do the first thing you offered. Try to get the first half published first. I was just wanting to be done with this thesis for a while and have both parts ready for the first attempt at getting published. Thanks
  4. Right. I did not think of the fact that this would reveal my identity. Basically, I am dividing my MA thesis into two parts, and I would like to try and submit them as separate articles (as suggested by my MA adviser) . Each part has a separate point, methodology and literature. The problem is that in the (chronologically) second part, I refer to the point of the first part as a given. That seems just seems like a strange thing to do, given that I have an entire separate section of the thesis that discusses just that. So I feel like the options are - to reference my own thesis, to elaborate
  5. I am working on preparing parts of my MA thesis for publishing. In a specific part, which will hopefully be a separate article - I mention something on which I elaborate on in another part of the thesis, can I reference my won thesis if it has not been published (it was submitted, graded and I got my degree based on it)? Thanks,
  6. Oh no, got curious, started watching it. Time gone.
  7. I think you should just ask the airline(s). Luckily, both my flights will be with the same company, so it seems the luggage will be transferred. But I am still not 100% sure I will make it on time for the second flight.
  8. I wasn't counting on the problem being solved by the airlines, I just hoped that if I miss my flight ( I hope not....) - this issue can be resolved. I don't really mind waiting or getting delayed myself, but I will be travelling with my poor cat who will be stuck in a bag for approx. 20 hours and i'm afraid this will be horrible for the cat. For some reason I thought (now that I think about it, it really makes no sense) that the whole customs thing will be after the connection flight - at my destination and tried to get a flight with the shortest connection, due to worrying for said cat.
  9. Well, as long as it's not something like them telling me 'bummer' - I think it will be OK. After the amount of money I spent on a summer flight purchased too late, including a cat etc. - my main goal at the moment is to just arrive at my destination
  10. What exactly does the customs process entail? ( I have a two and a half hour connection in Newark and then I continue to Chicago) - is it me showing my passports, J1 documents and all other documents I had to take with me for the visa interview and being asked questions? What do I do if I miss my next flight? (this is googleable, but has this happened to anyone?)
  11. There's more information here (I just googled New Jersey and DMV): http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/Licenses/LicensesNon-Citizens.htm http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/Licenses/Visitors.htm
  12. I checked about Illinois, and found out that if I am on a student visa - I can continue using my international license (unlike non-students who can only use it for 90 days in Illinois). But if I want to purchase a car and get a normal price for an insurance, it would be better if I get a local license by passing a written and practical test at the DMV.
  13. Just wondering: 1. Do credit union accounts let you have a credit card without a credit history? What do they require? 2. @TakeruK - why do you have two accounts? Is that a necessity or a convenience issue? I'm just trying to understand what will be the best course of action for me (going to UIUC, it that matters to any relevant information you might have).
  14. Note sure if it's the best approach, but what I am planning to do is take some clothes that are season-appropriate, documents, toothbrush-toothpaste-shampoo and my cat with me. And send books (a minimal amount, the rest I sold or gave to friends), winter clothes, other non-urgent things via sea. And that's basically it.... I am selling/giving all my other belongings and I plan to purchase things like - a computer, additional clothes, plates and cutlery etc. after arriving.
  15. I have contacted POIs at almost all departments I applied to last year. I have checked out their work and tried to understand whether they are suitable potential advisors for me and if they were I did mention that I have read their work and that I am interested in their research; I also mentioned that I will be applying, gave information about my thesis topic and my research interests and inquired about whether they will be accepting new students for the following year. Most professors I have contacted have replied, some simply said that they will be accepting new students, or that that t
  16. Thanks, that is useful information, and relevant to my situation - since I think i won't be offered anything for the summer and will need to be proactive about it, whether it's looking for something in the department or outside it.
  17. Thanks, that's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure.
  18. Usually airline tickets in both directions are same price or cheaper, but I found one way tickets that are substantially cheaper.
  19. I just know that it's really new. And that it's a program of TAU and HIJ, and that there are six sub-fields, I can't remember all of them. but I know that there is a usage-based concentration, which might fit your interests. And a cognitive/neuro direction which probably won't. I think you can discuss the usage-based direction and get more information from Prof. Ariel
  20. I liked happy endings much better than friends. Also, the shows of the actors from happy endings post-cancelling were nice too (benched, weird loners and something else i'm forgetting) but cancelled too.
  21. Definitely, what you stand to lose is not worth being shy about money issues. Maybe it is a cultural thing. However, I come from a place where this should be more acceptable, culturally, this is just a personal issue for me. Also, the kind of relationship you have with your advisor plays a major role in this, if it's a person i'm in a great relationship with - I will be relatively comfortable talking about these issues. Otherwise, I would be rather afraid I would express myself awkwardly and that I might be perceived as rude/greedy/pushy and overthink the whole thing. Well. I thin
  22. Major advisor - is that the graduate advisor? Or someone else? I'm coming from a country where it's a bit different, or at least in a different language, so I am not used to the titles yet. I do find this topic touchy, but I hope/believe i'll get used to it, cause I won't have much choice.
  23. I was also thinking of the beginning of the second semester as a possibly good time to start asking about that, after getting settled and getting to know the department and professors a bit better.
  24. By the way, there is a new straight-to-PhD program in the Tel Aviv University Linguistics department that started this year - if that is a main reason for you searching for a program in the states, maybe you should find out more about this program.
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