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  1. Yes, but it is not going to be easy! Generally, the first year is quite busy and I would not recommend to take job with serious commitments since you will face a lot of group work, deadlines etc and it can be very hectic. So a part time job might be difficult. That doesn't mean you can't take a research assistant job with any of the professors, but it will be still tough. Another factor is the electives you take. If you take some with deliverables every week and session, then you are more likely to be busy than electives with a normal workload. For instance, the international relations electives often come with a huge chunk of readings. But the second year is a different topic. Here you have almost no more compulsory courses and only electives. So you can design your own schedule and workload. Personally, I had a quite fulfilling (timely and motivation wise) job in the second year. But since I didn't have a full scholarship but only grant (same as full scholarship without the stipend; but College Green was covered), I needed the income. So at the end of the day I must say that I do not understand what smart guy at LKY decided to shrink the allowances for scholarship receivers to pay College Green from the stipend. That is a major cost factor since accommodation in Singapore is so pricey.
  2. Guys, I have finished the MPP at LKY in 2017 and regarding the housing: If you got the full scholarship, your housing is covered as well. That means that the 1k per month for a room at CG are included and the stipend is on top. That was during my time and unless they have changed that, you will have a comfortable life. I can't imagine they provide you with a stipend and let you pay CG on your own, since housing is a major cost. You can also check this link of the FAQ and under the financial aid and tuition fee section, point 3, it tells you that shared housing is included in the scholarship. So again, if you get the scholarship, congrats, you are super safe. Best
  3. Hi psingh, I am a current MPP student at LKY and before I came to Singapore, I exchanged some information with other applicants in this thread: You can find some things particularly on the last 3 or 4 pages. In general, they want to know your motivation to study that program and why you have chosen Singapore. Also some questions regarding your background and recent experience can be asked. It depends on the person who will interview you. I guess you will also receive a case study which will be included. Don't worry, everything is doable and nothing super fancy! Good luck!
  4. @ Aselle and all others Since I do not have facebook (I know, that species of men are rare today) I would prefer Google+ as a group. If there are supporters for that idea, I can organize it. Otherwise I have to swallow the pill and join facebook... Anyone who is on my side for G+?
  5. @Porkman No, since you have to submit the immigration form together with the other forms, I think this is ok. I just guess you can not submit the form with a 6 months old test.
  6. @Maawarinu The there months for the ICA medial form is not correct. On the form, you find the information, that the tests for the medical examination should not be older than 3 months. This is it...
  7. I sent my documents yesterday with DHL and although they have received it today already, they didn't inform me again. But I think the guys are busy with eveurhkng so it is ok for me.
  8. Honestly I was also looking already what to expect after the two years, but I think, the answer is very clear: MPP is such a super wide field and there are plenty of ways you can go. It is very depending on your focus, your previous background and also where you spend your internships or stays abroad. But we all can be sure for one thing: we will have high chances to get good jobs. We are touching a field which is highly demanded in international organizations like the UN or also governmental agencies. But also private sector is looking for people with those skills. And honestly: we will study on one of the best universities in the world and a reputated institute, so don't worry guys!
  9. I have sent the acceptance letter and the subsidy form today. i will send the other documents when i am able to fill them with information. well, i am excited for the next steps...
  10. Hello again, Welcome veneman! I will send the letter on Sunday but I have to send the additional documents later since I need to organize loans and I can't do the medical issue right now since there were holidays here in the Philippines and next week, I have a business trip to Europe. But the head of admission told me, this will be ok. I am happy to hear, that you are accepting and I can confirm as well, that Singapore is a super nice city. By the way: do you think, it is easy to get part time jobs as a student there? Or are they only limited?
  11. @vhym Yes, exactly I just typed the solutions in the word file and without any calculations. This would be to time consuming. But no English test so far.
  12. Hello everybody, the math test was really really fair and somehow easy. There were 12 questions and 50 minutes time to do it. You will receive a word document with the questions. It is really high school level, although some questions were tricky. You can picture the questions like: "a worker can produce 50 pieces of something in 2 weeks, how many pieces he can produce in 6 weeks", this is really simple. But you have also cross-multiplication like 60,000 is so XX%, how much is 100%. Or you have diagrams to read the significant information. So all in all, it was very ok. I was able to answer 10 questions, since 2 questions were really out of my memory and I was so honest to tell that, hehe. So I guess I get certain refreshing, but I think this is good for me. I would recommend, that nobody should trying to solve it with any help except the calculator since you can also find out, where are your weaknesses and then you can work on that. So far so good...
  13. As you can see, the table shows three different fees: Singaporeans, International and then "all nationalities" This seems to be complicated but it is not: unless you have already received subsidized tuition fees in Singapore (which leads to the simple question: have you already studied there?), you will get the subsidized tuition fees, but for international students, so 8,625 SGD. The 22k something tuition fees are only for people (and that means SIngaporeans and all others) who have already received subsidized tuition fees in previous studies, for example undergrad. So in other words: don't worry, it is "only" 8,625 per semester.
  14. Hi Porkman, Welcome to the club of being without scholarship. Same conditions for me, but here is the solution: I called them for the same questions and they told me, that you can send the documents you fill out, but if you can't, just send the acceptance. So if you want to accept, then do it and do all medical and financial matters afterwards. They are aware that it is a challenge to cope all those matters and honestly, I also need to organize the finances first, so we can relax. No problem, but yeah....expensive exercise. Cheers
  15. I got the math test notification today and it will be....tomorrow....8pm. so good luck everyone!
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