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  1. This isn't a big deal, because I've already accepted an offer at Maryland, but I actually still haven't heard anything from Vanderbilt. Is this weird? Is anyone else still in the same boat?
  2. Yes--ecstatic is just the word! I had really given up hope, and I didn't have any other offers (just another waitlist). That was the best phone call ever!
  3. Accepted off the waitlist yesterday!!!!!!!!! Dr. Ray said there was one more person to notify....good luck!
  4. AHHHHH. The suspense is literally killing me...
  5. I see from the results page that five Vanderbilt "secret waitlisters" (it sounds so much cooler than it is...) have been rejected. Is there anyone else (like me) who is on this list but hasn't heard anything? Also, have any Maryland waitlisters heard anything?
  6. All of this advice is really sound--and congrats to you for doing such serious planning ahead! I just want to reiterate what others have mentioned: foreign language. It's super important, and it's the one thing you can do now that might actually decrease the amount of work you'll have to do as a ph.d. student. I'd suggest continuing in German, since you have a background already, and perhaps trying to take some beginning french (or spanish, if you prefer) classes, if you have room in your schedule. Getting involved in the departmental events is also a great idea; not only will you see gr
  7. I was told that notifications are going out this week, and that Albany saw a very large increase in applications this season. Good luck to you guys!
  8. Today is the first day they are back from break. My guess is they'll notifying this week or the next.
  9. augustquail

    Baltimore, MD

    Does anyone know what the College Park area is like? Is rent really expensive? Are there any good neighborhood close to the University? Thanks!
  10. I'm going in on thursday too... this way if I have some sort of traveling catastrophe it will not affect friday plans...
  11. I'm waitlisted at two schools...and I've been rejected from 6 already. I still have to hear (officially) from Yale and Upenn, but it isn't looking good. I can't believe I'm going to have to wait for another month and a half to find out if I have a spot or not!
  12. Yesterday I got an email from the DGS saying that I had been rejected, and then today I got a form email saying that I should check the site, which also said I had been rejected. I don't really know why the had to tell me twice...I was actually hoping there was some mistake! If they're updating some people's accounts online, then the rest should follow... better luck to the rest of you!
  13. Crap! I just got the rejection email. This sucks. I'm starting to lose hope!!!!!
  14. My status still says 'sent to graduate committee for review....' just curious about the rejection: was the info in the email itself, or did they ask you to check the website?
  15. Congrats on your admit! I hear Austin is an awesome place to live. But I do sincerely hope they have not finished notifying.... The number of acceptances on the board definately does not reflect the number of students UT supposedly admits...
  16. I haven't heard anything from BU, unfortunately. No acceptance, and no rejection. I don't really know what to think!
  17. Looks like there aren't any new acceptances today....I'm about to become one of those pyschos and email the DGS....
  18. I'm in 18th/19th century transatlantic studies, so I don't really know how they're classifying me (american lit, transatlantic, 18th century...)
  19. I haven't heard either. I'm hoping no news is good news....
  20. I'm on the waitlist too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news I've got so far!
  21. me too...and I'm hoping they're going in alphabetical order...
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