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  1. Sorry my PDF above didn't work. I copied and pasted here: Interview questions: *Why do you want to come here and how could you contribute to the program? Tell us about the materials you are working with. How do you incorporate your audience in your work? What is risk in your medium? *What are your passions besides your art? Question related to artist statement Tell us about your work informally Talk about how your materials/medium relate to your subject matter Have you ever considered expanding beyond your mediu
  2. Greetings, I followed this forum for my two rounds of applying to MFA programs. During that time I compiled a list of interview questions that I've attached. I starred the ones that were similar to questions I was asked. Keep in mind that schools are "curating" a class. You may have great work, but it doesn't fit into their design. Try not to get depressed :-). Think of interviews as a conversation instead of an interrogation! Most interviewers are very friendly and understand your stress. Be honest about your work even if it seems counter to what you think they want to hear.
  3. If you think you would be happy at Guelph, go ahead and accept if you only have to put down a deposit. If Oxford then offers you enticing funding after the 27th, might it be worth sacrificing the deposit at Guelp? If following your dream costs you a little extra will you regret the expense? If you go to Guelp, will you feel like you sold yourself short just to save money? I know it's important to pay attention to finances, and huge investments such as school and homes are stressful. On the other hand, we only live once. I've found that taking such risks has actually inspired me to come
  4. Good luck! That is a lot to choose from. I met you while waiting for the SAIC fiber interview, so of course my vote for you would be there! I accepted admission to SAIC printmedia. Was offered a post bacc with fiber and presumed rejection with sculpture.
  5. It's always annoying to fill out more forms. Fortunately mine is not complicated, since much of what they want is not applicable for me. They basically just want to know your employment arrangement and if you have other income. If it means grant money, it's worth the time. Schools just have to do their due diligence. Good luck.
  6. I'm also in the appeal process with SAIC. The first form was very simple, but later came an extensive list of verifications they need regarding current employment such as anticipated earnings for the rest of the year, severance packages, etc..
  7. Yes, thanks, I have an inquiry in. Mine may be held up because I already have an account as a prior degree BFA student (official status is "on leave") Financial aid still has me listed as undergrad. They stated April 15th as my deadline for placing a deposit. May also be complicated by being accepted into a post bacc and MFA. It'll get sorted out eventually.
  8. I also have not received any financial aid decision from SAIC.
  9. Congrats! I haven't heard from fiber, but thrilled to be accepted into Printmedia at SAIC
  10. I am waitlisted VCU fiber ....via email yesterday.
  11. Lurker here just wanting to offer some perspective. I am probably old enough to be a parent to most of you. I come to the art world with a bachelor's, master's, and over two decades of work in other fields. For several years I've been working on getting some official credential in the arts and finally decided to go for an MFA. Got rejected last year and actually felt relieved; I wanted more time to feel settled in my own practice. So far I have two interviews this year. I wish you all the best, but know if your dreams don't come true this time, there will still be many good years ahead o
  12. Thanks. Just today received the official rejection letter. No surprise. I had applied knowing my portfolio was weak, but with a "nothing ventured; nothing gained" mindset. Next year......
  13. Has anyone else heard absolutely nothing from SAIC? I've assumed rejection and twice emailed for clarification and received no responses to my emails. Before completing my application, emails replies were sent promptly. Curious!
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