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  1. I also accepted my offer to UofT! Hopefully someone from the Western waitlist gets some good news soon
  2. Nothing yet, no updates on OPRAS or their student centre. I'm wondering if they'll send out acceptance/rejection/waitlist letters later in the day?
  3. I hope not, seeing as I didn’t get an email either. Did anyone here receive an email?
  4. Also, for those of you worried about McMaster not being accredited yet - don't worry! I had the same initial reaction but after speaking to an SLP I work with I learned more about what it actually means to be "accredited". Being accredited basically means that CASLPO (the college of SLPs/AUDs) automatically acknowledges that graduates have completed the program requirements (classes, hours) needed to become an SLP. In the case that McMaster is't accredited yet by the time graduation rolls around, the graduates would have to provide proof to CASLPO that the Mac's curriculum fulfills these requirements. So at the end of the day this isn't really a drawback of the program. The accreditation process takes long because McMaster is a new program and CASLPO has to ensure that they're on the right track! But given their reputation in the health sciences, I'm sure they're doing everything right.
  5. A few more weeks to go! I keep checking ORPAS for some reason even though I know acceptances don't come out until April 3rd. My top school choice would probably be U of T, followed by McMaster, and then Western (due to the distance from home). I've heard U of T has a slight adult focus whereas Western is more child oriented. I would eventually love to work with children but U of T appeals to me since I've been in their rehabilitation science building before and the environment looks awesome!
  6. Congrats to everyone who got accepted into Alberta, that's awesome! For those of us who applied to Ontario schools, we have just over a month to go. Has anyone else applied to McMaster? The MMI interviews are supposed to be coming out next Friday and I'm nervous.
  7. Hey! I calculated my subGPA myself by using the OPRAS chart (https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-conversion-table/) and just adding up all my grades according to the conversion table. Takes a while, but it should give you a nice estimate of what your gpa is.
  8. Hi everyone! I've been waiting for October to start posting in this thread, and now that the time has come (and ORPAS opens soon), I decided it's time! I'm super nervous about applying this year but it's nice to have this community to lean on. I'm in psych and linguistics and I've calculated my sGPA to be around 3.80-3.82. I'm finishing up my last prereq this term (research methods), and I'm currently volunteering with an SLP in the school board and with older adults who have dysphagia. Since I just started volunteering at both I'm worried about gaining enough experience but hopefully my tons of research experience will make up for it. I'm planning to apply to UofT, Western, and McMaster. Anyone else freaking out about writing their personal statement??
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