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  1. The title probably gave you an idea about how indecisive I'll sound in the following few sentences so here it goes: I graduated from a Canadian university with a BA in Political Science (focus: political philosophy, int'l development) and another totally different and unrelated to my inquiries discipline. As a result, my experience is in, well, research and some odd jobs here and there relating to communications and teaching. I never really planned to work in either field, the plan was always to do a Master's degree or another (professional) Bach'. I've narrowed down the programs that I'm i
  2. I'm more or less in the same boat, and after some research, I found that, in addition to UBC and UCal, there's also UofT and Dalhousie. However, you won't find a Canadian MArch program that's only 2 years long - most of them are 3/3.5 years (UBC, UCal, UofT) to 4 years (Dal). Dalhousie is an interesting one, because you get also a Bachelors of Environmental Design (I think that's what it's called there), and then the MArch component lasts about a couple of years, but to my knowledge it has no direct entry so you'll have to do all 4 years. Dalhousie program: http://architectureandplanning.
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