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  1. Cal State Universities MSW Applicants Thread

    Thanks! It was on my MySJSU page (the oracle/peoplesoft one). I submitted on Jan 5 for the 2 year Health/Mental Health concentration. I think I am actually going to go to SDSU, so there's at least one spot opening up haha.
  2. Cal State Universities MSW Applicants Thread

    I just checked my portal and saw I was accepted to SJSU! No email yet so check your account if you're waiting.
  3. SDSU MSW Fall 2017

    Anyone else for sure attending SDSU in the two year program? And on that note...anyone looking for roommates?
  4. Cal State Universities MSW Applicants Thread

    Anyone hear anything from SJSU or SFSU? I keep getting emails from SFSU about financial aid and a grad program preview event or something but nothing about whether I actually got in.
  5. SDSU MSW Fall 2017

    I checked the AidLink page and it said the info would be available in March
  6. SDSU MSW Fall 2017

    I've been mostly a lurker but I wanted to share that I've been accepted into SDSU's 2 year program!! I got my email yesterday (Feb 10)! Applied Dec 10...In January they told me there was a problem with my GRE so they very generously allowed me to retake it which I did on Jan 31. Scores were reported to them the same day I got my acceptance. My first writing score was 4.5 and the second was 4. GPA: 3.77 Majors: Women's Studies and Latin American Studies, Spanish Minor And at time of application I had about 1800 hours of volunteering and part time work with various populations (low income women, homeless individuals, people with developmental disabilities, LGBTQ, etc) in both micro and macro roles. SDSU was my first choice so I will be attending. Excited to meet whoever else ends up going!!
  7. Mentioning privilege in personal statement?

    Just the fact that by virtue of my race, class, etc I have better opportunities in life. For example, I was able to seek help for my issues financially and had family support. Someone of lower socioeconomic status or different cultural norms about the stigma of going to therapy might not have been able to do that. Seems pretty important for a social worker to recognize when working with diverse groups but I'm not really looking to debate you especially since you apparently don't believe any of that. Was just curious what your vague comment meant.
  8. Mentioning privilege in personal statement?

    Care to elaborate?
  9. Mentioning privilege in personal statement?

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful responses!
  10. Hi all, I'm getting started on my statements for this application cycle. I'm wondering if it would be a good or bad thing to talk about my realization of my privilege? I've definitely experienced adversity like trauma and mental illness (which I'm also still trying to figure out how to incorporate in my statement appropriately) but I'm white and grew up in an upper middle class family without too many issues. Taking women's studies classes in college and coming to understand systems of oppression and how some of my identities give me unearned advantages over other people was a pretty big factor in my decision to pursue social work. I am wanting to convey awareness of that instead of making my challenges seem bigger than they are. Not sure how to proceed. Any advice is appreciated!!