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  1. Congrats, @BrendanP! Did you do their master's program too or were you an outside applicant?
  2. I was led to believe that indeed everyone gets funded, it's just the details about which that I suppose I need. I also have a weirdly irrational fear of asking too many questions, in case my admission was a horrible mistake. Heard today that they should notify later in the month. I am itching to start the process of letting my work know when I'm leaving (and THAT I'm leaving).
  3. I just got into their PhD-level ACS program, which includes a fair bit of the pop culture side. Still waiting to hear on funding stuff, but congrats, @andrea.zuckerman!
  4. Thanks for all the congrats, guys. This thread has totally kept me sane these long weeks, seriously. Big hugs to everyone, and best of luck to those still waiting. <3 I'm still waiting on funding news, so I may pop about as I nibble my fingernails off with THAT stress.
  5. Good advice. I don't think I'll do the night driving part, though, just because I have literally watched every season of iD's Disappeared and that's how every woman in every episode winds up kidnapped. Guys, I have huge news, though. I got into my chosen program. Shaking, crying, and in utter disbelief. Much love and good luck to you all, and may the Ides of March be ever in your favor. <3
  6. Oh, my gosh, @sjoh197, what a story! You poor thing! I've got a forthcoming 9-hour road trip to do next month, and I originally thought I'd be going with my husband, but now it looks like I'll be doing it solo. Never driven that long by myself before. I'm not as much worried about something weird like this happening, not worried about getting lost in the age of Siri and such, but I AM worried about just going out of my everloving mind with boredom and getting cramped up from not being able to trade off driving with another person. Ugh. I may look into last-minute flights instead after all
  7. Which is ironic, considering some of the Christian interpretations of LOTR. Tolkien wasn't quite so overt as his friend C.S. Lewis with the application of his ideology in his work, but it was still, arguably, there. Just got a text from the spouse at home that only junk mail was in the box this afternoon. As my email is similarly silent and the day draws to a close, all I want is a giant glass of wine and a tissue to sob into. Seriously, I was told all notices were going out last week. Just get me my rejection and get it over with.
  8. Haha, thank you. Pain, as they say, is good for art. I'd give it all up for an acceptance letter, of course. @katpillow, I'm so sorry to hear that. As for trying for a perfect score on the GRE, do you really think that's what sunk you? I can't believe places put that much stock in the GRE score above all else, though I suppose in a tough season they have to make decisions somehow.
  9. Welcome to the month of Ides, when wind blows and doth calls softly, easing us to hear a cacophony of yesses or nos; the separation from misery nears.
  10. Yessss. My husband and I were feeling the same way but it really kicks into gear in the second half. Seriously, there are like WAT moments all over the place now.
  11. HTGAWW has gotten SO GOOD in the last couple weeks. I agree that this season was kind of meh until VERY recently. OMG! That show is amazingly trashy, and I can't get enough. Whoever is almost done with Buffy and needs more shows like that to binge, obviously watch all of Angel and Firefly now, and then Dollhouse if you really want to be a Whedon completist. I hate to admit that I gave up on Agents of SHIELD, even though I love the Marvel cinematic universe and all things Whedon. It was just slow as heck and almost every episode I would start diving into my phone out of boredom.
  12. Oh, gosh, I'm sorry, @hippyscientist. Hang in there. Breakups suck.
  13. Happy Leap Day, everyone! Heed the advice of Leap Day William and take a chance today! Or watch a Quantum Leap marathon or something. I think it's still on Netflix. As we wind down on Februgatory, may we reflect on what we've learned lo these 29 days. Waiting is agony, and sometimes rejection is sweeter when it means the blessed relief from pain (I wouldn't know; I'm still waiting). I'm feeling positive about this week, though, as Friday is March 4th, the only date all year that's a complete sentence. Ranking right up there with May the 4th and its connection to the Force. Ah,
  14. I'm so sorry, @iloveOM. I hope we hear something very soon.
  15. I've seen those numbers before, which kind of gave me hope that I'd get in, but I realize a lot of factors play into these sorts of things. :/
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