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  1. The exact thing happened to me. I even received an email following an interview telling me that I have been selected as a potential candidate, and asking me to inform them if I accept other programs. That was in late January. I haven't heard back from the program yet !!! I had to call the office a couple of days ago to know that I'm on the waitlist.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! I have applied to 14 programs in all and received 2 acceptances and 2 rejections. One program has interviewed me in January and told me that they selected me as a potential candidate and to inform them when i accept other offers, which i still haven't. Thank you again and good luck!
  3. Hi Guys, It's almost April and I still haven't heard back from 10 schools regarding my PhD application for Fall 2016 (Biomedical Engineering). Deadlines were ranging from Dec 15th-Feb 1st (depending on the school). There is one school that interviewed me in late January, then sent me an email telling me that they selected me as a potential candidate for admissions and that the deadline is April 15th, and they asked me to tell them if I accept other offers. I still haven't heard a single thing to date. I have seen many applicants sharing their decisions results via here, bu
  4. Thanks man! I saw rejections and acceptances from 2 schools and nothing from any other ones. So good luck for both of us!
  5. Hi guys I've applied to 14 schools for a PhD in biomedical engineering for the fall 2016. I've only heard from 2 so far and no news about funding. Should I worry? Aren't schools late for sending out admissions decisions?
  6. I'm a Biomedical Engineer (2 years work exp as a Biomedical Engineer and QA Officer at a hospital). I have a bachelor in electronics and a master in biomedical physics. GPA: 3.33/4.00 Bachelor - 3.65/4.00 Master (According to WES, since my former school used the french grading system) 1 Publication ongoing and few research experience (within the master's curriculum) GRE Scores: V: 151 (50%) Q: 165 (90%) A: waiting My letters of recommendation are good, 2 academic and 1 professional I'm applying for a PhD in Biomedical Engineering - Fall 2016 to: - Universit
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