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  1. Okay folks, I need some help from the more seasoned among you (ie current grad students, or professors). I am down to two schools that I am considering attending, and cannot decide. I will briefly outline some of the details about each, but please ask me for more details if needed. First program (P1) is gonna give me a lot more money than the other program (P2), while also having a lower cost of living than P2. They are also a smaller department, implying a closer relationship with advisers. Additionally, P1 places better than P2, and has better NRC rankings on all measures. The only issue I can find is that they have only two or three faculty who kind of do research on what I want to do, and one of them will be leaving the country after my first year. P2 is in a preferable geographical location, and has three professors whose research interests are extremely related to mine. Two professors are assistant profs who are actively publishing, and the third is tenured while actively publishing. However, my overall purchasing power, conference participation capability, ranking, and placement appear to be worse in P2 than in P1 (obviously these factors are not only a function of the program's capability, but also my diligence). In short, I think that my research and location interests are better met at one program, while financial, placement, and guidance needs are better met by the other. Does anyone have any insight into what to weight more heavily in my considerations, or your own experiences with a similar situation? If you require further info, please ask. Thanks in advance!
  2. Long story short, I didn't realize people had responded to my post until today. I would like to say thanks to all of you who replied, and give a very brief update. I ended up not retaking the GRE. I have been accepted at ASU, UGA, and Mizzou, and rejected at Emory. I have several other institutions to hear back from, as well. Thanks again for your responses.
  3. Hi all -- First, I am applying to political science Ph.D programs across the U.S. I am not here to ask if you think I will be admitted, as your answers to that question are unlikely to change my decision to apply in the first place. However, I would appreciate some insight into my GRE scores relative to other materials in my application package, especially from those of you with a similar experience to mine. I've just received my GRE scores, and they are as follows: 153Q 163V 6AW, which are 52nd percentile, 92nd percentile, and 99th percentile, respectively. I am wondering if retaking the GRE is advisable, in the hopes that I raise my quant score by a few points? There is other additional, relevant information: First, I am not trying to get into top schools. I know I don't have any chance of getting in due to lack of research experience, and my UG GPA. Thus, I'm looking at mostly middle tier schools, with my first pick being Arizona State, with the lowest ranked schools being Iowa, Nebraska, and CU-Boulder. Second, my undergrad GPA is a mere 3.36 from a state school. Clearly, this is not an ideal GPA, but there is no use in crying over spilled milk. Lastly, 153 is 5 points lower than the lowest score I got on any practice test. I tend to get extreme performance/test anxiety, which I suspect curbed my ability in the quant portions. Given my GPA, desire for mid-tier school, and current GRE scores, what are peoples' thoughts (especially those with a similar experience) on my retaking the GRE? I ask this because the time-frame in which to take it is undoubtedly slim, combined with other factors. I have a recruitment event to go to, the holiday season is upon us, and I am nearly broke financially. These, combined with the latest application deadlines being January 15th, make retaking it more onerous. If you require additional information, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!
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