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  1. Good on you for being financially conscious. I only applied to one school, the one (of maybe 3 or 4) where I could get in-state tuition with WICHE. Anyone else coming to CU-Denver?
  2. Congrats on your first two acceptances! I haven't heard anything yet and the schools I'm waiting for are "behind schedule" compared to years' past, which is leaving me on edge.
  3. Lot of Canadians in this thread so far! I was only going to apply to Canadian schools and CU Denver/Portland State, and now I regret not applying to Canadian schools..haha.
  4. Any insight about CU Denver extending their deadline to February 1st? Looks like in past years, decisions were sent out around 2/23. I'm hoping they don't get pushed back because of that.
  5. I would advise anyone looking to apply to a competitive grad program to at least get a 4 on writing. It's a very formulaic process that mostly follows that you make good arguments and counter arguments in a five paragraph format with solid spelling and grammar, so there should be no reason why you can't do it (especially if English is your first language.) For a Master's program in statistics, you should definitely shoot for mid to high 160s in quant. Verbal isn't as big of a deal but reaching the 160 threshold definitely wouldn't hurt you at all.
  6. If you have until next year, you can definitely study your way into the 150s. Had you studied much this time around? I have a friend that matriculated into the UNC MPH program with a high 150s verbal and a low 150s quant score. She had a similar, if not a slightly lower GPA and is an alum of one of the other schools on your list, for reference.
  7. Just looking at your profile and everything you have to offer, I don't think your GRE score will prevent you from getting into at least the latter three of the five schools you mentioned in your post. However, if you want to use the funds, I think upping your verbal score a couple of points and getting your quant score to the 50th percentile will be valuable. Also, less than a 4 on the writing section would be a bit worrisome to me for a PhD candidate. If you look up the various formulas for writing the GRE essays, a 4.5 or better is easily achievable. I scored a 5 on writing simply
  8. Can I ask what your job experience was after college that led to full funding?
  9. I'm mostly panicking because I haven't done anything worthwhile or even relevant since finishing college almost two years ago. But, I really appreciate this reality check.
  10. Hi guys, I'm working on applying to grad school and I was wondering if you could give me some insight. I graduated double majoring in International Studies & French from 2012-2015 and then had to move back home for family reasons. Since then, I have had essentially no work experience that pertains to what I would like to do for the rest of my life. However, I had a bunch of academic research and work experience for various organizations while in school. I'm at a standstill because I think I should attain some more relevant work experience before going back to school. I'm interested in
  11. I was definitely considering that, but I'd be lying to you if I said making money wasn't a primary concern, which obviously complicates things more. To be honest, I knew that there were a few Africa/Francophone-focused NGOs in Denver, which would've been my primary motivation to stay in Denver if not for my situation. I also did notice more remote opportunities from DC, so I'll definitely consult those. I think my next step is to physically go to all the universities' relevant departments and consult them with ideas. I greatly appreciate the input from everyone! Feel free
  12. So, I've recently graduated from the University of Denver, double-majoring in International Studies (concentration in international organizations, human rights, and security) and French and was slated to stay there until August, try to continue my conflict resolution research and find another part-time job in the interim. There was no funding left for me in the Winter/Spring, as I was paid through the department over the summer, and then earned my pay through work-study. However, I'm returning home to North Carolina for the foreseeable future because neither of my parents are in good heal
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