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  1. wn votefavo I took the GRE General earlier this year and got a 160Q/156V with a 3.5 writing. I am hoping to apply to mid-level ranked statistics M.S. programs (ranked 15-50ish), does anyone think that those scores are strong enough to be competitive or should I retake it? I'm having a hard time finding admission statistics aren't incredibly vague (Competitive applications have done well on the GRE..., etc.). I know a lot of depends on how strong the rest of your transcript is, fwiw I graduated with a B.S. in Bioch
  2. So I'm starting to look at potential masters programs, and I'm torn between applying to two different types. I want to pursue a career in biomedical engineering (I will have a B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology), but I've been told that biomedical engineering degrees are less desirable than mechanical engineering degrees because they learn a little about a lot of things as opposed to a lot about one area. I was wondering if anyone has been through the process and has any experiences or thoughts about it. Thank you.
  3. That's actually exactly where my interests lie, I was just concerned I would have trouble getting into a mechanical engineering program without a technical degree.
  4. I started my undergrad as a mechanical engineering major, but growing up I had always wanted to go to medical school. As I've gone through the process, I've decided that it isn't for me. Looking back I wish I had never transferred out of mechanical engineering which I had liked very much. I'm really hoping to not have to spend more years as an undergrad before being able to apply to masters programs, considering I'm one semester away from graduation. My hope is that there are programs that I might be eligible for that I would just be able to take prerequisites for once enrolled. With my bio
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