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  1. Ah, sorry, I haven't been on the discussion board in quite a while. Hopefully this is still helpful. Hah! My family actually lives in Crescent Lofts! Most people say do not live south of Locust Street (and Crescent Lofts are south), but I feel that stereotype is mostly unfair. While my mom has lived in Crescent Lofts alone for a few years and has never had any issues, there is some violence in that neighborhood so if you are really worried about safety (as in you are coming from a very small town) I would not live there. If you do choose to live there, my main recommendation would be to rent a parking spot in the garage. I did have my car broken in to when I lived there and parked outside, plus, you don't necessarily want to be walking around that neighborhood at night. A lot of young people live at Crescent Lofts and I think you would really love it. The main place you don't want to live is south of Locust Street and west of Harrison (although, again, you can find some nice places there). All this to say, there is some violence in these neighborhoods, but nothing compared to a bigger city. It is all what you are comfortable with. I personally like the area around Vander Veer Park which is close to your university. I grew up in Davenport and never used public transportation so I can't really speak to this. From my perspective, everyone has a car and it is not a very walkable city. You just want to make sure you can easily get to a grocery store (HyVee) and campus, so it is also dependent on where you decide to live. Still, I would recommend getting a car if possible. Davenport is actually getting pretty cool! Check out Daytrotter. They just moved to downtown Davenport and put on live shows with great indie musicians from across the country. There are also a few breweries (Great River). It's not the most happening place, but Iowa City is within driving distance and has a lot of cultural and arts events since that is where the University of Iowa is located. Codfish Hollow, a barn that puts on live shows and you can camp there, is also within driving distance.
  2. Hi, I grew up in Davenport, IA. Do you have any specific questions?
  3. Hi! Are you interested in research and teaching or administration? If your interest is in admin, which it seems to be, I would also recommend looking at EdDs... this would also you to work while completing your degree since that seems to be something you are interested in.
  4. Perhaps you can look into working and completing your second masters part-time?
  5. I applied to NYU's HESA MA, but haven't heard back yet. I saw someone was invited to visit days on the results board, so I'm not feeling too confident.
  6. Others might disagree with me, but I currently work in higher education and while my colleagues all have advanced degrees, they are from a variety of disciplines (MFA in creative writing, PhD in Music Conducting, MA in Cultural Studies etc.). I think it might be worth applying to positions in higher education this upcoming year to see how much success you have. If you get an entry-level position and cannot advance, perhaps you can simply enroll in an HESA degree at the college you work at. I would also suggest you look up the backgrounds of those in positions you aspire to.
  7. Congrats!!! Best of luck on the interview.
  8. For what it's worth, Nashville has a low cost of living--compared to where I live at least--which might help offset your costs. I'm not sure how it compares to Austin though.
  9. I think you should try and apply to more selective schools, but start studying for the GRE now so you can get awesome scores to offset your undergrad GPA!
  10. Thanks for responding, hesaplease! CEPS students are eligible for those positions, but I'm reaching out to my adviser today for more information.
  11. I see a few people have been accepted into Loyola Chicago's Higher Ed masters on the results page recently, so maybe you are in the same boat as me. I was just accepted into another program, CEPS, but noticed that the Division of Student Development Assistantship application deadline passed a few weeks ago. Are y'all applying to positions in other divisions? Or did we miss out on a funding opportunity? Thanks guys
  12. Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I was rejected from AU (but admitted to others, so it's not the worst thing). Good luck and I hope you receive funding! The opportunities in D.C. would be amazing.
  13. I believe the date for acceptance is April 15 and that schools can't pressure you to accept before then. Also, I live in Iowa City... let me know if you have any questions!
  14. This thread doesn't look too active, but I'm hoping someone can help! I might move to Syracuse this fall and have a question about the Westcott area. It seems pretty cool, with a co-op, bus service, etc. But is this an undergrad heavy area? I don't want to accidently end up where there are tons of parties, especially since a lot of housing seems to be split up houses. Would appreciate any recommendations for a quiet, but hip neighborhood. Thanks in advance!
  15. Congrats, you guys!! I wish I had applied to UVM if only so that I could hear back from a school already...!
  16. Have any of you that applied to AU heard back yet? I saw an acceptance on the results page, so congrats if that was anyone here. I've applied and am super interested to see what kind of funding is available.
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