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  1. Hi! No, not psychology, sorry! Mine is in Curriculum and Instruction/Ed policy. My undergrad was in psychology though! When are you planning on heading to DC?
  2. So I've been accepted to a doc program at GWU. I received a pretty hefty fellowship, but it's only for the first year and will only cover about 3/4th of my tuition (private universities are SO expensive!). I've been in correspondence with a couple of people in admissions and they told me that if I can find an on campus job or assistantship then that will remiss 90% of my tuition, plus whatever the pay-rate is. They also advised that I should contact different departments to ask about job opportunities. How should I go about doing this? I never had an on campus job or assistantship during undergrad or my master, so I'm not sure who specifically in the departments I should contact, or what I should be asking them. Any advice is definitely welcome! Thanks!
  3. I interviewed in early Feb. as well and still haven't heard back. I've already accepted a different school but it's still frustrating to not have heard back by now.
  4. Anyone else planning on attending any of the DC area schools this Fall?! I've been accepted to George Washington For a doctoral program and am really excited about it! If anyone wants to to discuss housing, locations, ect just let me know! I'm sure we could all use advice!
  5. Hey guys! Anyone else planning on moving to DC for the Fall 2016 school year? I've been accepted to a doctoral program at GW and am starting to look at places to move, which neighborhoods are good, ect. Love to hear from anyone else who is as well!
  6. Did you have an interview or anything? I had an interview with them for the Educational Leadership EdD over a month ago and still haven't heard anything either
  7. Gotcha! I actually have a psychology background as well. Good luck to you! And ditto on hoping we hear back soon!
  8. Yeah I have similar thoughts, I always feel like I rambled a lot looking back on interviews. My research ideas aren't completely formed either, but I think I articulated the ideas I care about pretty well, but who knows. Dr. Larson did tell me she thought my background was very interesting and unique, so I'm hoping that counts for something. I didn't know the 10 people admitted number! That's interested, I wonder how many got interviewed too! And the info I asked at the end were when classes take place (evenings, around 4 or 5 for two hours each), how long the program typically lasts (about 3 years), and if funding was applied for separately (you fill out FASFA after you're accepted and then they offer you a funding package). The only other school I applied to was George Washington. I'm interested in social issues with education, like gender, sexuality, race, ect. Those are not commonly researched areas so I had trouble finding schools to apply to with faculty that matched, hence only applying to 2. What about you?
  9. Ah no way! Yeah I got the impression that we would hear back sometime mid week - so I'm refreshing my email all the time too, and my heart stops every time I get one! Which faculty member did you interview with? How do you feel it went?
  10. Anyone apply to one of the programs at NYU? I just had an interview for the EdD in Educational Leadership, now playing the waiting game / stressing game haha
  11. I just found out I got a phone interview at NYU for their Education Leadership doctoral program! Anyone else get one? And how is everyone preparing for interviews? This is my first one, academic wise, and I'm kind of freaking out a little bit.
  12. My first choice school (George Washington) deadline wasn't until January 15th. I feel like I'm going to be waiting forever! And no one in the Education sub forum seems to have applied there, so I'm totally in the dark about whether info has come out or not. *Screams internally*
  13. Has anyone applied to any of GW's doctoral programs in Education? I applied to their EdD in Education Policy back in November. If anyone has, have y'all heard back yet? I'm starting to get antsy!
  14. Anyone heard back from a doctoral app in the Education department at George Washington? I applied in Education Policy and am dying to hear back!
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