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  1. Received a mail saying they are trying to expedite the process. Iris assured that all offers would be made by end of this week.
  2. I got accepted to University of Aberdeen and I am considering moving there as an option. Does the students prefer living in University residential halls? What are the safe areas for off campus housing (not too expensive) ? Can anyone give me an idea what it's like living in Aberdeen?
  3. A few have actually received it but many are still waiting. I have dropped an email to Iris regarding the same. Still waiting for her reply though. Hope they speed up the process this week. ?
  4. I was just wondering do we have to pay tuition for the time when we are out there on our internship. I am unsure how it goes over there n it's added 12k for me. I will have to manage my finances accordingly.
  5. Same goes with me. In the meantime, I would try to learn some fundamentals of Canadian Healthcare System. If anyone's taking a C/Java course. Would be happy to help.
  6. Hi, I have applied for 2016 round of CSS for the MPH program at Imperial and MSc Global Health Management at University of Aberdeen. Let's keep each other updated on the status of applications.
  7. Hey! When did you submit your application? I received an email from their end a few days back saying that they are processing my application. But, in the PAWS it still showing the status as incomplete.
  8. Congratulations on acceptance! ? Could you share your experience as in were the questions typical of any behavioral interview. Was it conducted by the department faculty or some external professional panel?
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