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  1. tardigrade

    NDSEG 2017

    How do you view status? Whenever I click the status link, it just redirects me to the application overview page.
  2. tardigrade


    long time lurker, first time poster! so...my POI just emailed me saying that it is still "unconfirmed and unofficial," but I will likely be accepted to their PhD program!! At first I was overjoyed, but now I'm not sure how excited I should be. Do you guys think this means I'm definitely IN? I asked them when they the official decisions go out, but they still haven't responded.
  3. tardigrade

    2016 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Which interview weekend did you attend? I attended the first weekend for MCDB and have not heard back yet.
  4. Has anyone here heard from Harvard OEB? I saw in the results search that one person was invited for interview on Jan. 12th, so at this point I'm just hopeful they're sending out invites in waves.
  5. tardigrade

    Boston University MCBB 2016 invites?

    Has anyone heard anything from BU's PhD program in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry?
  6. tardigrade

    Harvard OEB interview invites sent?

    I saw that someone in the "biology grad school admission results" thread got an interview. I still haven't heard back though, it's making me so anxious!

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