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  1. That's right! Iris put us on a priority list as we notified her that we need an official offer ASAP. I had other awaiting offers and I needed something official from Mac so I let Iris know.
  2. On Feb 16th I heard from UoFT for an interview on February 23rd. I heard back with an offer on March 25th. My response due date is on April 15th. I was declined the offer yesterday. Good luck!
  3. I got until the 15th for UofT and the 18th for Mac. I have accepted my offer from Mac today. Good luck to everyone who has applied to UofT and Mac. Feel free to send me a message if you're also attending Mac in Sept 2016.
  4. Yes, that's right I am still deciding. i will hope to have my decision made by Friday. I am considering all factors including the program, costs, scholarships, research, and living. This is super tough!
  5. I will join the Facebook group as soon as I'm certain I'm attending Mac. Going to spend the weekend deciding between Mac and UofT. I think at this point I'm 70% Mac, 30% UofT but I haven't done much research.
  6. Hey! I actually haven't heard back from my e-mail to Iris on Friday.I would like to believe she is seeking an answer from the graduate department prior to getting back to us.
  7. Okay I will e-mail Thomas. Maybe a couple other people can e-mail him as well so he realizes its a problem. Iris has zero control over the situation but if she did, I'm sure she would make things happen.
  8. I don't think Iris has any control over any of this. Its the graduate department - I don't know what they are doing. Maybe it should be escalated to the program director who of course has the power to make things happen.
  9. Congrats! I am patiently waiting for the offer from McMaster. I feel like taking the offer from UofT since they have finalized my offer very quickly. I will give Mac until Friday otherwise UofT it is.
  10. That is unfortunate. Did Mac provide you with a deadline on the official offer? I am patiently waiting for the official offer from Mac. I hope to receive it soon. Also, were you notified by e-mail?
  11. I am in the same dilemma. Mac eHealth or UofT Health Informatics? I will be doing extensive research prior to making my decision. I will share my thoughts in regards to both programs. Please feel free to continue to express your thoughts about both programs. It will make the decision easier for all of us.
  12. Hi Dwabtit - I did not receive a formal offer rather the e-mail from Iris indicating that they are recommending me to the graduate department. In this situation, you are unofficially accepted. The graduate department just makes the offer a formal one and they verify grades and stuff if they have a doubt. Congrats!!
  13. It was a very comfortable and relaxed environment and the questions were typical behavioural interview questions. There wasn't any questions that will throw you off. It was conducted by the program founder and I believe a professor. Both of them were really nice and made me feel extremely comfortable. Good luck Riya!
  14. Hey man I have an undergraduate degree in Health Science and my work experience entails working on the business transformation side of technology implementation, process improvement, and change management projects in a consulting environment. All the best!
  15. Good luck to everyone who has interview with Mac tomorrow. Let's all connect tomorrow to debrief on how it went. Hopefully we will be lucky as Musicfreak and get a result shortly after the interview.
  16. Hey man! My interview with UFT was 2 weeks ago. It went pretty well and they said I will hear back by the end of the month. My credentials are on the first post of this forum.
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