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  1. All, I have graduated with a BS. in Computer Engineering, and have 1 year of grad school in Electrical Engineering under my belt. I withdrew this past year because I didn't have the finances to continue (working part time, company not helping and paying for tuition wasn't cutting it) My idea now is to go to school in the EU, and switch up my degree program a little bit. After working in a cubicle the last few years I think that I'm not suited to be a conventional EE and want to get into the management side of things. I have been looking for dual Masters degres in engineering and business, but can't find too many. I found http://www.mastersportal.eu/studies/24106/electronics-electrical-engineering-management.html which seems great, but the international tuition would run me about 30G. Does anyone know of other combined masters programs that are in English? I have been looking in Germany (Cheap/Free tuition) but haven't found any similar degree programs in English, only German, English split. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!
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