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  1. didn't get it. for reference: committee 4b, Applications: 88 Fellowships Offered: 18 (20.5%) Fellowships Not Offered: 70 (79.5%) Score of last funded application: 5.09
  2. Did you all just get the email about next week's upload of information? Does it mean results....?
  3. And which website do you think they mean? The main one? Twitter?
  4. CGS with the score of 15.4 and same as with others - last year a very similar application didn't even make it outside my graduate school
  5. 35k one is a big deal, have you tried contacting the schools again?
  6. well the odd thing is they certainly DO email the results just not to the most interested party, they only notify the grad schools this way. seriously
  7. how come SSHRC results don't show up in the results section of thegradcafe. NSF does. People just don't bother to post their results?
  8. thanks for sharing! what a strange system, come on SSHRC
  9. Just saw this on twitter under SSHRC: Paul Vasey ‏@Vaseylab 3h3 hours ago A HUGE congratulations to my PhD students @LJPetterson & @scottyseme who were both awarded super prestigious SSHRC CGS D3 Scholarships! Is this THE results we're waiting for? How do we get to find out before the official release?
  10. The way I understand is that out of all direct applicants that were forwarded to the national competition last year, about 1/3 ultimately got the award
  11. Nothing yet here. Would that be an e-mail (since the confirmation that they received the application was an email) or a paper letter? Also, I'm confused whether they send out only the good news now or rejections as well?
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