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  1. That's great! I got the official noticed about two weeks after the recommendation. If you pick UW-Madison you will love it. The people here are so fun and welcoming. Good luck with the other universities!
  2. That is what mine said last year! You're totally in. Congrats!
  3. Hi everyone! I accepted an offer of admission into the Anthropology PhD program at the University of Wisconsin- Madison for biological anthropology. I found out in the middle of February that the program recommended me for admission and got the official acceptance from the graduate school at the beginning of March. My focus is human evolution and my region is South Africa. I'm so excited to start in the Fall! I'm still in shock. I really cannot believe I have been accepted! I also applied lied to the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History for a PhD in comparative biology. I have yet to hear anything, so I assume I was rejected. Which is fine because Wisc was my top choice!
  4. I would also recommend a zoology course or a zooarchaeology course on top of what @Bschaefer suggested!
  5. Oh hey girl. Did you mean University of Georgia? Georgia State only has an MA program and that application is not due until April!
  6. I got my official acceptance from University of Wisconsin Madison today! Just waiting to hear about funding.
  7. Awesome. Thanks for clearing that up. Congratulations!!!
  8. Did you get your undergrad at OSU and got accepted for a masters degree?
  9. Once you've been recommended for admission how long does it usually take the graduate school to send out the official word? Found out last Monday I was recommended for admission and I have spoken with my future advisor, but I still have not heard anything from the graduate school! I emailed them today. I suppose they are just really busy with other programs, but I am getting so impatient!
  10. Has anyone heard from RGGS who applied with one of their anthropologists?
  11. Claiming the Wisc- Madison admit!
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